Keeping The Spark Alive In Your Relationship

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Almost every relationship starts the one way- the palpable excitement of meeting and then not being able to take your eyes and hands off each other…

Alas, this period of romance often fades into oblivion and the relationship begins to get boring for many couples.

City couples who spoke to Pune365 share their secrets to keep the spark alive in the relationship by making each day exciting and as romantic as ever.

“To keep things interesting, get adventurous with him…”

Push yourselves to try new things out. It is scary at time, but it’s needed to keep the spark alive, says Supriya Singh, Videographer.

Harsh Mathur, wedding planner says, “Make a date-night thing work. Set up some roses, candles and let the pleasant aroma fill the room.

Surprising your partner with a small date is reinforcing that some little things mean the world.”

When you start dating, you go on a number of dates with your partner just to see and get to know each other. Spending quality time is essential in relationships.

Harsh says, my parents still make time for a date once a month. This is what’s best and has kept them going for the past 30 years!

“When you get bored with each other, it begins to affect your sex life too.

Therefore, it’s essential to spice up the physical intimacy by trying something new and explore each others wants and desires, says Pooja Shinde, Photographer. Having boring and unenthusiatic sex isn’t good for anyone. No one wants a dead bedroom. Your bedroom should be a place where you can have fun and experience new things, not just a place in your home where you sleep. If you need a little help or perhaps some inspiration for what to do in the bedroom, there are tonnes of resources available. Sites like lesbianpornhd xxx can certainly help any couple find new positions and techniques to use in the bedroom, keeping the spark and intimacy alive.

Communicate with your partner and know what might be exciting for both of you and surprise them with that. More importantly, have fun with each other, Pooja adds.

Appreciate and acknowledge your partner’s love, says Deepti Jaiswal, Designer.

It takes only a minute to throw brickbats at them when they’re found going wrong. That may make you feel better for a moment, but it can put off your partner.

Hence, it is important also to appreciate the little things they do for you, be it the flowers of little notes they leave for you, Deepti adds.

Keeping the spark alive in a relationship is not easy, but finding new ways to love your partner will definitely strengthen the relationship says, Ashish More, Software professional.

I am in a relationship for the past 7 years and little things make the big difference! At times, I cook her breakfast, read for her, do the grocery shopping and even flip the mattress. Such small gestures have kept us going and will always.

It is more about doing all that it takes to keep that smile on her face always. It is not about expensive dates or expensive gifts but about the time and effort you take to make it work for both of you…


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