‘Katha Yatra’, a vibrant story festival

Bhaashaa Foundation, a non-profit organization working for the preservation and enhancement of regional languages, has organized the 4th edition of ‘Katha Yatra’ at Balgandharva Ranga Mandir. The theme this year is ‘Jal Katha’, said Swati Raje, president of the Foundation. ‘Katha Yatra’ will have programs for both children as well as adults, and will include workshops, book exhibitions, lectures, staged programs and performances by nationally and internationally acclaimed artists.

A two-day International Conference on the topic ‘Society, Literature and Multilingualism’ will take place wherein academicians and scholars from India and abroad will participate. The conference will be held at MCCIA Trade Tower, SB Road.

The festival is to be inaugurated on December 16, 6 pm by Dnyaneshwar Mulay, an author and Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs.

When : December 16 to 18

Where : Balgandharva Rang Mandir

Call : 020 2553 8181

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