Jumping Signals And More- Can Suspension Of Licenses Tame Pune’s Errant Traffic?

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In a much-needed move to penalise repeat traffic offenders, The Noida traffic department suspended the driving licences of 900 city residents for three months for jumping signals.

According to a report, department official Himesh Tiwari said that the jumping signal is a violation under Section 119/177 of the Motor Vehicle Act.

The owners of the vehicles were asked to hand over their license. In case somebody else was driving the vehicles, then their license was to be handed over to the department. Failure to hand over the license within the due time may result in seizure of the vehicles, Tiwari added.

The Pune police have been actively working towards ensuring the city’s traffic is disciplined and these efforts are paying off, albeit slowly.

However, along with the much needed enforcement of helmets, jumping/breaking signals is another concern which must be looked at on priority to avoid mishaps, say citizens speaking to Pune365

Manisha Karnik, Active citizen says, “Pune police are undoubtedly doing their job well now. Almost at every junction, we see cops nowadays managing traffic or penalising the ones violating the traffic rules. As announced ,they have been very strict with the helmet enforcement as well.

Suspending the license can be introduced here depending on the severity of the violation. For example, if a person has jumped the signal his license can be suspended for a week, wherein if he is not wearing the helmet or drunk driving his license should be cancelled.

However, we cannot deny the fact that many people in Pune who ride and drive without a license and it is difficult practically impossible to catch all the offenders.

But, as a primary measure, the city police should be suspending the licenses, without which we are not going to have disciplined traffic in the city, Karnik added.

Chandrakant Mane, Senior software professional shares, “In my opinion the department should stick to their same old methods of fines. If we were to conduct a survey, almost 60 per cent of people in the city will not have their license. There is no control over the underage drivers and only a handful of students are caught.”

Every day, I encounter so many people who are clearly underage, yet, using geared bikes without a license and riding rash.

If a person doesn’t have a license only how are they going to suspend it? It is better to collect fines. However in extreme cases, the licences should be suspended certainly, Mane added.

Of course yes! the license should be suspended. Jumping a signal should be considered as the biggest offence as it is not only risking the individual’s life but also the others who maybe driving following every rule, says Aditi Kamat, Teacher.

Pune is the only city where there is so much fuss about following the traffic rules. In other cities of our country, you barely hear of anyone complaining on enforcement of traffic rules. 

Kamat further says, The city police are doing their job extremely well, but are still quite lenient.

Their approach to enforcing traffic rules is certainly appreciated, but the citizens in Pune don’t deserve their soft behaviour. For long now, they have been running campaigns for traffic safety, helmets and more, yet, we see the only a handful following the rules regularly.

They should be stricter and the force should be in higher numbers, because without stringent punishment, our city will have no discipline at all, Kamat adds..


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