It’s An April Fool Prank You Fool

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The first day of April is probably the only day when people check and cross check any little detail of information before accepting them from any sources.

April Fool’s Day is celebrated across the country where people play pranks on others with practical jokes or hoaxes that don’t generally have any truth attached.

It is the day when people somewhat get the licence to play harmless jokes but these planned practical pranks can sometimes lead to unforeseen incidents too.

Puneites also used this day as an opportunity to play pranks on their friends and family. Some of these were harmless and funny but others went a little overboard with their pleasantry which Pune365 does not vouch for.

Here are some of the pranks that Puneites shared with us.

“Since it is marriage season and everyone is so much into celebrations I thought of using it to trick people,” says Radhika Rana.

“I did put some effort and prepared a Word file titled ‘My Marriage Invitation’ and the contents had ‘Have a great Fool Day ahead you fool’ in it. I forwarded it to my friends specially to those who always ask me about my marriage and with whom I only speak on WhatsApp.

“It was funny to receive congratulations from those who didn’t open the word file and flak from those who were trapped in the prank,” adds Rana.

When it comes to a foodie, he can believe anything you say to him about food. And Shivesh used this idea to prank his 25-year-old foodie sister into eating a biscuit stuffed with toothpaste.

“Her reaction was hilarious. It was difficult initially to trick her into trying the biscuits due to the obvious “April Fool” notion attached to the date but since she liked trying new stuff, she later fell into the trap.

We removed the cream layer from the biscuit and stuffed it with white toothpaste and offered it to her, claiming that the company had come up with a new flavour that she had to try.

“We even had one ourselves but ours had the original sweet cream. We were busted in the second bite and it was hilarious to watch her crib about it,” he adds.

“For this year’s April fool prank I went creative but used the age old insect joke to give mini heart attacks to my roommate ,” shares Dhwani Rathi.

“I printed the images of insects she disliked, cut them in their actual shapes and stocked on to the inside of her bed lamp.

When she came in and switched it on, the shadow from the light made it appear like a live insect and she screamed her lungs out while we cried our eyes out on seeing her jumping in the room and cringing,” she recalls.

April 1 is also the salary day hence Jitesh Sonawana, an entrepreneur, thought why not send some fake credit to his employees’ account.

“I texted most of the employees with an edited version of the ‘credit received’ message from the bank. I sent it from a number unknown to them.

While some after proper scrutiny and checking their bank accounts found out about the prank, 5 of them came to me saying that there has been some issues with the salary credits that needed to be fixed. I played along and decided not to break the bubble until they find it themselves,” he adds.

“I just used a pair or pants and shoes to prank a friend into using a public toilet a kilometer away from our apartment,” says Prateek.

“I carefully places the pants on the toilet in a seating position along with the shoes underneath. If someone saw from the 2-inch gap between the door and the floor, they would think that the loo was occupied.

“I told my roommate that my father was in town and was inside the toilet. He tried managing the pressure for almost 40 minutes after which he gave up and had to walk down a kilometer to the public toilet,” he giggles.


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