Is Your Partner Cheating On You?

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Have the hugs and kisses from your partner reduced? Does your partner get aggressive if asked on their plans for the day? Do you still see the spark in your partners eye when he or she is with you?

If the answer is no to all these questions, you may have a problem brewing say Pune’s experienced couples in this candid chat with Pune365.

Trust remains the most essential component of a lovely relationship, yet in some cases, this trust is breached by cheating on one another and that can be truly heart wrenching say these couples.

Pune’s young couples believe that it is best to be cautious then go through the pangs of discovering that you partner is cheating on you-

Since we shared the same social circle, it was difficult to be upfront and doubt my partner, but, that gut feeling was enough to know that something was amiss, says Jagruti Pawar, a teacher.

Having been together for 2 years, it was obvious that we knew each other well, and so the gut feeling was rarely wrong. Though I didn’t have enough guts to approach him about this feeling of insecurity.

After a year, a very dear friend told me about my husband and his friend hanging out together. I then decided to ask him straight, but, as usual he retorted saying that i was overthinking this and getting overly insecure.

Jagruti further said that “I had never believed in checking his phone, emails or social media, thinking that we’re over that teenage phase and believed that matured people don’t cheat when they’re happy in a relationship.”

Yet months later, after he returned from a trip, I found condoms in his bags that made it apparent, since we never had used them in our two years together. No doubt he was probably sleeping with krakow escorts whilst he was there, as he once told me he gets a kick out of paying for sex. The condoms were reason enough and soon, when I checked airline details, I discovered that he was actually cheating on me with a friend in the same circle.

Rajesh Chauhan, software professional says, “Her phone revealed that she was a phone addict and the constant waiting calls spoke for itself. The continuous beeps of incoming message even made her anxious whenever we were together.

She use to pick up unreasonable fights, and every fight had only one outcome- that of a breakup. She used to accuse me of cheating on her. .

While this may come across as though I am a pyscho lover, I actually hired a detective to reveal the truth. My ex-girlfriend was cheating with three other guys, including me, Rajesh added.

Devika Charlie, Model says, “Trust your instincts and keep an eye on his phone, his social media and stalk him.

This stalking may sound like a psychopath but this works best!

Rahul Soni, Entrepreneur says, “Neha started work to help support the family, but her constant business meetings and working overtime wasn’t easy to accept..

Initially, I thought she was devoting all her time for better future prospects, but, later I decided to check what business meetings went on this late. That excuse of only office people, business meetings, workload and girlie night-out’s was getting too much.

After several months, I finally had got access to her phone and also made a surprise visit to her office in the night and figured all that I needed to know, Soni added.

Shreyasi Mehta, Content writer says, “When candlelight dinners and sexy lingerie don’t work any more, you can be sure there is something brewing!

Apart from checking phones and social media, check for his habits, as you may find him trying out a new look, new perfume, new accessories and possibly even a change in his tastes.

For instance, if he has been a fan of One Direction and that changes to Arjit Singh, you may have an issue on hand.


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