Is The City’s Youth Getting Increasingly Complacent At Work

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Pune’s vibrant youth population is known for their energy and talent, yet seem to lack the perseverance that today’s jobs entail, believe corporate leaders.

Salaries during their early years at work is apparently the reason for their discontent and dissatisfaction. Corporates on the other hand are already reeling under the pressure of poor bottom lines, coupled with a sharp fall in top line revenues resulting in cost rationalisation measures being adopted.

Job switches, indifference to work ethics and complacency are on the rise among the youth, say corporates. Adding to this is the growing attrition rate among the younger employees resulting in poor commitment levels.

Pune365 spoke to a cross section of the youth and others to delve into the reasons behind their propensity to switch jobs, or get complacent with the ones they have:

“I am in favour of entrepreneurship since am not satisfied with the packages offered,” quips Keyur Shah, Techie.

After graduation, I have realized that the degree I have has no value to fetch a good enough job. But while enrolling for the degree, I though it had huge scope and I went ahead and cleared several entrance exams to to get admitted in a good college that has decent placements.

“The annual packages offered are low, yet, we tend to take up that job due to societal pressure. This leads to lack of job satisfaction and hence we don’t end up staying at that company for long,” Shah adds.

Ashish Philip, a businessman says, “I am ready to pay the amount of salary expected by the employees, but where am I supposed to find that right candidate?”

The younger lot fail to understand that the company also invests a lot when an employee is hired, Firstly they are not focused, they get involved in too many things which causes distractions, Secondly, they want to make easy money without working hard for it and lastly, only a few are focused on their goals.

Finding an efficient, hard-working employee is much tougher than a candidate trying to find a job! They need to understand that having a job is going to get to your nerves, but the experience and lessons are worth the burn.

The education system needs change. We have good institutions here, but they do not impart the professional skills that candidates require to take on the work challenges of today’s time.” Philip adds.

“The companies pay you a penny and expect you to work like a CEO. Our ideas are never valued it is only donkey work that we are made to do. We have enough energy and come with several ideas to explore and implement” says Shreyasi Chavhan, Ad designer.

I have completed my masters in advertising and yet, I get paid worse than what a restaurant waitress would get. Our innovations are never encouraged and companies ignore ideas that come from the younger lot.

Without doubt, the people on the board have more ideas and relevant experience in the field, but the times have also changed and the youth has a better pulse on the scene now.

The prolonged working hours kill productivity. Even after completing your work, you are bound to sit around till you complete your stipulated 8 hours. On the other hand, the extra hours that you put into a project is never valued.

Social life comes to a standstill due to these prolonged working hours. Employees tend to spend most of their time in the office, leading to dissatisfaction, Shreyasi adds.

Saurabh Yadhav a techie says, ” It is said that a person who is appreciated and motivated will work more than what is expected. We are today just horses that run for others.

Working with a company for a long time is digging your own grave. I have been working with my company for the past 3 years and haven’t been promoted. On the other hand, if I were to switch my job, I would not only get a good package but also a good promotion.

If the company doesn’t want to motivate their employees, why do they expect anything in return? It is well known that prioritizing employee engagement is instrumental in running a successful business.

The older lot probably work without complaining because they’re used to working like this, and have no great expectations. It could be a good option for companies to hire the more senior lot, but they also come with some drawbacks, Yadhav adds.


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