Is Living Together Before Marriage A Good Idea?

Live-in Relationship
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Most young married couples advocate the need to know each other well before marriage, yet, a live-in relationship comes with its share of concerns…

Will it be good or bad? Will it help us or end up creating complications? What if my partner isn’t as good as he or she seems?

We spoke to a few city couples who are already in a live-in relationship or contemplating one before marriage.

Anand Tiwari, Real estate Consultant says, “Living with each other before marriage gives enough time to know your partner well. This helps you decide on whether to get married or part ways without creating further complications. Of course, if further down the line there are problems, you could seek advice from Marriage Professor or a counselor but at least you can say you’ve tried before getting in too deep.

My wife and I stayed together for six months before getting married, it was an arranged marriage and the live-in relationship was planned.

She happened to shift to my place and we mutually decided to stay together. Compatibility is of utmost importance between partners to maintain a healthy relationship leading to marriage.

Families are involved after marriage and often people are forced to stay with each other for the sake of society or children, so it is better to know your partner in and out before getting married, Tiwari added.

Live in relationships leave nothing to explore in the marriage and unrealistic expectations from the partners may cause distance among the couples, says Priyanka Alves, Pet baker.

Moreover, I feel that live in relationships are temporary and people may fake behaviour for a period of time. And as they say, things change after marriage, comparing live in days and days after marriage may even lead to divorce. That being said, I suppose living together first would help you to determine whether it might be a good idea to contact a team of Los Angeles prenup attorneys to create a prenuptial agreement prior to getting married. With divorce rates rising, you can never be too careful, and completing a prenup can protect your assets, Priyanka added.

Divya Joshi, Yoga Instructor says, Live-in relationship are always beneficial as it teaches you many things, be it solving a problem or understanding your partner well.

I have been living with my boyfriend for two years now and we will be getting married this year.

My boyfriend was very unsure about the relationship earlier, but staying together has made him a better person and it also helped me get him out of his insecurities, she added.

Relationships are complicated and marriage is a huge responsibility, I fell living together before marriage increases the chance of divorce says Arnav Negi, a Freelance writer.

Live in relationships may give you an idea of what it is to be with your future partner. but, it doesn’t guarantee success.

You miss out on the ‘newlyweds’ feeling and moreover, when you’re married and together you tend to look at things with a different perspective. In a live-in relationship even the smallest of issues can lead to a breakup, Arnav added.


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