Is Banning The Use Of Cellphones In Colleges Sensible?

Cellphone in College
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Cellphone have become an integral part of our life, be it for information, social connectivity or just entertainment. With this backdrop a recent Tamil Nadu Government directive seems archaic and unwarranted.  

A recent decision taken by Tamil Nadu government ordered that government and private college students will not be permitted to use their cellphones within the college premises.

Pune’s college faculty and students however believe that banning phones isn’t sensible in this age and time:

When a student enters college, he is mature enough to know when and how to use the technology given to him, says Aarya Mehta, Professor.

Sure, the use of a cell phone in a classroom should be restricted and most of the colleges in the city do follow this protocol.

Moreover, mobile phones help college students for various purposes, be it staying updated with current affairs, besides the need to be connected with the college groups, she added.

Technology has made life much easier, although in my opinion they should not be allowed in college. They must be kept in a locker while entering the classroom as they have become a huge distraction among the students.

However, if the curriculum does require immediate access to information, students should use laptops or tablets, says another professor Ujwal Pandit.

Gautam Gadge, Active citizen says, Why are we making such an issue of mobile phones in colleges?

For God’s sake, we are in the 21st century and we are dealing with teenagers who are far more progressive than the earlier generations. 

They know their responsibilities and am sure they will be judicious. The more you ban or restrict, the more they will react and rebel.

One must also realise that many young girls face threats. Molestation and harassment has become common. In a distress situation, a girl can use her mobile to make emergency calls. We must move with the times and let the students decide.

Dhara Chheda, Media student says, According to me the government needs to focus on more important things in the country, rather than interfering in such issues.

Let the colleges decide their own rules and regulations. I don’t think every student misuses their phone,

I think it is essential to keep it handy and more so with the number of crimes happening. Keeping a phone with me makes me feel safer. 

The government in any case can’t ensure how the phone is used outside the campus and hence what is important is counselling. Students should be counselled in colleges to make them aware of guidelines of proper use of cell phones within the campus, Chheda added.

Pratik Sabharwal, Modern college student opines, The college going age is the right age when mobiles should be allowed. Most college students are aware of what is right and wrong.

The benefits of a phone outweighs its adverse impact. Be it learning or communication, phones have made our life so much easier.

However, regular workshops should be conducted in colleges to make students understand the consequences of its unethical use or how badly it can affect someone’s life if misused, Pratik added.


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