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He made a quiet entry into Hindi films after being seen often in serials in a variety of roles, often negative in nature, earlier.

But with a voice that is rich and acting skills  that are extraordinary, Irrfan Khan stamped his authority in Bollywood.

It was just a matter of time before he became a leading man and today commands a lot of respect in Bollywood and Hollywood, where is among the most recognizable faces from India.

Irrfan Khan has now been struck with a rare cancer and is recovering abroad. Yet, he and the industry remains optimistic about his return to the world of cinema…

Here are some of his earlier works which shows the full calibre of his brilliant acting range:

Haasil (2003)

Haasil (2003)Cast: Jimmy Shergill, Hrishitaa Bhatt, Irrfan Khan, Rajpal Yadav, Ashutosh Rana
Director: Tigmanshu Dhulla

The campus of the University of Allahabad becomes a theatre to violent student politics between two factions. Anirudh (Shergill) falls in love with Niharika (Hrishitaa) but their affair gets tangled in the web of politics.

Anirudh meets Ranvijay Singh (Irrfan) who controls one gang and kills his rival (Rana) to gain control. Anirudh believes that Ranvijay is actually trying to help him and befriends him. But Ranvijay’s whole purpose is to marry Niharika with whom he is obsessed.

Road to Ladakh (2003)

Road to Ladakh (2003)Cast: Koel Puri, Irrfan Khan
Director: Ashvin Kumar

Sharon (Koel) is being pursued by a stranger Shafiq (Irrfan) in the mountainous region around Ladakh. She is there to interview a general on the Indo-Pakistan border. But the mysterious stranger stalks her and she begins an uneasy ride. The Army too is in pursuit of Shafiq.

Finally she concludes that Shafiq is a drug smuggler. But the mountainous region reflects her own loneliness and she slowly gets attracted to Shafiq. She lies to the Army that he is her boyfriend. She finally gets intimate with him but is left is left with a difficult choice – stay with him or take the road and escape.

Rog (2005)

Rog (2005)Cast: Irrfan Khan, Illene Hamann, Himanshu Malik, Shyamoli Verma, Suhel Seth
Director: Himanshu Brahmbhatt

A conscientious police officer Uday Singh Rathod (Irrfan) is sent to investigate the death of a model Maya (Hamann) but gets dragged into a mysterious tale involving a journalist Harsh (Suhel Seth), millionaire Ali (Malik) and his partner Shyamoli (Verma).

As the case drags on, Rathod falls in love with the image of Maya, who he thinks, was taken advantage of. Then one day while he sees Maya in the house and is shocked. A complex murder story unfolds where Maya is trapped between men who are unfaithful and ready to take advantage of her. But is she innocent?

Deadline:  Sirf 24 Ghante (2006)

Deadline Sirf 24 Ghante (2006)Cast: Irrfan Khan, Konkana Sen Sharma, Rajit Kapoor, Sandhya Mridul
Director: Tanveer Khan

Viren Goenka (Kapoor) is a top notch heart surgeon who has a successful career and family life with wife Sanjana (Konkana) and young daughter Anishka. But one day, Anishka is kidnapped by a couple – Krish (Irrfan) and Roohi (Mridul).

The doctor, who is away to collect an award for outstanding work, is told to follow instructions and his daughter will be safe. Sanjana is in the held hostage in her house and the doctor confined to his hotel room. They are given 24 hours to come up the ransom of three crore rupees. Viren and Sanjana do everything to get the ransom amount. But why did the couple resort to kidnapping?

Life In A … Metro (2007)

Life In A … Metro (2007)Cast: Dharmendra, Nafisa Ali, Shiney Ahuja, Shipla Shetty, Kay Kay Menon, Irrfan Khan, Kangana Ranaut, Sharman Joshi
Director:  Anurag Basu

A call centre executive Rahul (Sharma) is in love with a smart woman Neha (Kangana) who climbs up the ladder by having a liaison with her boss Ranjit (Menon).  The latter is married to Shikha (Shilpa) who in turn gets attracted to a maverick Akash (Ahuja) after a loveless marriage turns bitter.

Shikha’s sister Neha (Konkana) is pursued by the crazy Monty (Irrfan) and the latter has to take extreme steps to win her over. An old man Amol (Dharmendra) returns to India to spend his last few years with his first love Shivani (Nafisa). These love stories unfold in Mumbai and how each person is left to his/her fate. Irrfan steals the show in this film, where he adds comedy to his character effectively.


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