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Hobby Aero-modelling
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Hobbies are known to help reduce stress, sharpen cognitive skills, besides being a great way to discover hidden talent..

There are several hobbies one can pursue from the more common Philately to the more painstaking ones like collecting ancient artefacts, home brewing, origami or just visiting museums..

To get you started on an interesting one, here are some great options that have been popular with Puneites:


It is the art of having technical knowledge to build, assemble and fly the model aircrafts. These can be replicas of existing, flying or non-flying small-sized imaginary aircraft created using a variety of materials and aeromodelling kits.

For Harjit Singh, his love for aero-modelling inspired him to take it as a full-time profession. “I was very keen on getting model air planes for myself ever since I saw them. My father is a pilot and he has inspired me a lot. There was a lot of craze back in childhood of owning paper or wooden toy planes. I had a collection of some static ones but after my father got me the fully functional one, I was more than happy. Even after completing high school, I collected various models that were electrically powered and remote operated. It was my hobby that gave birth to my passion of becoming an airplane pilot. Currently, I am pursuing my academic education to become a pilot,” he gleamed.

Where to find: RcBazaar Pune, Baner
Entry Level Cost: Rs 1000 onwards (approx.)


It involves the use of paper strips that are rolled and shaped to make patterns on a surface. The paper is mostly looped and rolled to give the creations a 3D dimension.

Quilling was the only art that I liked doing the most soon after completing 10th grade,” says Pradnya, an M. Com graduate. “Like any other art forms, you have the liberty to mould the strip of paper as per your imagination. I have done paper quilling art on cardboards, invitation cards, for mobile covers, jewellery boxes, photo frames, 3D creatures to name a few. It is easy to learn and can be done with the available resources like a newspaper. Over the time one develops his own technique of mastering the art,” she adds.

Where to find: Artists’ Katta, Near Shaniwar Wada, Venus Traders, Camp
Entry Level Cost: Rs 100 (approx.)

HAMs and Amateur Radio:

Amateur Radio Operators or HAMs use radio frequencies to exchange non-commercial exchange of messages via transmitters and transceiver for wireless experimentation, radio sport, contesting, and emergency communication. If you join a local amateur radio club then you will learn all about how to use a desktop shortwave radio, HAM devices, and much more in order to get your radio license. It’s a great way to learn an important skill and meet like-minded people.

Sahil, member, Pune HAMs and Amateur Radio Club says, “We are a group of Radio Hams. It is a technical hobby and in order to pursue this one needs to get a license from the union government. In India it is with the Ministry of Communication, Govt. of India. It involves the use or radio waves for communication. We do help people to prepare for the exam which is conducted by the officials from WPC Ministry of Communication, Govt. of India. We as a group meet usually on the first Sunday of the month & accordingly we are scheduled to meet on Sunday 3rd Dec 2017.”

Where: Contact Pune HAMs and Amateur Radio Club Facebook page
Licence fees for different grades: General Grade/ Restricted Grade Rs 1000 (20 Years) Rs 2000 (Lifetime), excluding cost of equipment that you may want to invest in.


The science of studying Astronomy or any astronomical observation, celestial objects and phenomena. Planets, moons, stars, galaxies, and comets etc are their matters of interest.

“Star gazing and a studded open sky always fascinated me,” says Meghna. “Astronomy is a bit tricky as it involves all the sciences. From mathematical calculations, equations of physics, it is much more than what I thought. It is very different from the usual hobbies as it involves a lot or research and study. People who are very passionate about it should give it a try, as every day you learn something and exciting,” she adds.

Where: Jyotirvidya Parisanstha, Tilak Road, Sadashiv Peth
Fees: Rs 500 (Yearly fees) excluding equipment

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