Indian Children Are Getting Cyberbullied- Observe, Prevent And Support

Indian Teen being Cyber Bullied
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According to a report published in, Indian parents were among the highest to accept that their children were cyber-bullied at some point of time and these numbers grew from 2011 to 2018.

According to 2007 Pew Research, “32 per cent of teens have been victims of some type of cyberbullying. Nearly a decade later, a 2016 study by the Cyberbullying Research Center found those numbers were almost unchanged.”

Cyberbullying Research Center, which has been collecting data on the subject since 2002, stated that the numbers have doubled since 2007.

Google Trends data indicates much more attention is focused on cyberbullying than ever before. The volume of searches for “cyberbullying” increased threefold since 2004

Looking at the increasing number of cyberbullying cases in India, Pune365 spoke to citizens experts, and parents to gauge their views.

A city Based Cyber Expert Gautam Phadke says, Cyberbullying occurs on digital devices like cellphones, computers, tabs etc. It can take place with a simple text message, applications or a social media network

This can Include gaming where people who play in groups share their details and/or any content.

Posting, or sharing negative content, sending harmful, false, or mean content about someone else and also sharing personal or private information about someone else which can cause embarrassment to that individual is cyberbullying.

The most common points of cyberbullying include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp and other social networks, besides on Emails and text messages.

Talking about Indian children bullied, Phadke says, “ Parents must be aware of what their kids are doing with their devices.

The child may be involved in bullying in several ways, or even being bullied by someone else. The more digital usage a child has, the more prone they are for cyberbullying.

Warning Signs and Precautions That Parents Should Be Aware Off: 

What To Do When You Notice Warning Signs

  • Parents should be aware of what apps or social media site your child is using because most Indian parents lack knowledge of technology.
  • Keep a close watch on their way of using the device, including the increase or decrease in the use of a device, Texting habits, social media profiles.
  • Your child will display the emotional response of what is happening on their device. He/ she will reciprocate anger, loneliness, anxiety, happiness.
  • Discuss with them about social media and understand what and how many forums he is using.
  • If he/she is bullied or bullying someone they may avoid social get-together and may lose interest in people or activity which they loved doing earlier.
  • Recognize if there is a change in mood or behaviour while or after the use of a digital device.
  • Let them know that cyberbullying is a criminal offence and should be taken seriously
  • Ask questions, know what it is? how did it start?
  • Support the child if found bullied
  • Seek professional help

Radhika Kale, Parents says, “Am a working parent and could barely spend time with my kids. whenever am home, the kids are always on digital devices and it is impossible to know what are they so engrossed with. Most often, they’re found playing games on the phone.

So far I have not noticed any change in behaviour, despite not spending enough time with the kids. We have always reassured them about they can share anything and everything that is bothering them, she added.

Girish Mishra, senior professional and parent say, No matter how busy i am, I ensure that we have at least a few hours a day together.

The most important thing to deal with such issues is to maintain a friendly relationship with your kids. Let them know that they can come up anytime and talk to you about everything.


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