India Needs ‘Good Behaviour’ Camps Urgently

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The Hardik Pandya-K L Rahul comments case is fast becoming a joke with the differences between two members of the Committee of Administrators (CoA) of the BCCI surfacing over the handling of the disciplinary issue.

Why is so much bickering going on about this straightforward case? The players have apologised, they have been recalled from Australia and suspended. Now punish them and get it over with.

CoA chairman Vinod Rai had initially asked BCCI CEO Rahul Johri to conduct to inquiry but CoA member Diana Edulji objected to that as Johri had been accused in a sexual harassment case last year.

But he has been cleared of that and why should he be a bone of contention now? Both officials need to move on with the inquiry instead of wasting time on such things.

Admittedly, both Pandya and Rahul have made stupid and unworthy remarks in their private capacity but the way the case is being handled seems as if the two have committed a major crime.

Rai has rightly said the future of both players should be taken into account plus the effect it has on India’s chances in Australia.

Edulji has already been involved in the controversy over the dropping of Mithali Raj for a crucial World Cup game. Rai, too, has been accused of misdemeanours in the past.

They must now get the probe going and finalise the punishment. They must also take into account that the TV programme host Karan Johar is a clever man who sucks his guests into controversies.

His knack of making the stars say strange things has made him very popular. Pandya and Rahul were naive enough to take the bait.

There is no denying some of the stuff Pandya said was demeaning to women and he deserves punishment.

Once done with this issue, the BCCI must conduct camps immediately to train potential players and teach them how to behave on the field.

They must stress the importance of being role models for future generations so that the team can build a good image.

The popularity of cricket is one of the main reasons for promoting bad behaviour. The Indian fans put them on a pedestal and this adulation swells their egos sky high.

They are often seen at parties with film stars, have actresses as their girlfriends and in short are “Happening People”. Only a few can handle this fame. There is no harm in doing that but they must remember their role as ambassadors of the game.

That is why training at a young age is required which will prove beneficial in the latter years.

New Zealand are a great example of how to promoted good behaviour.

Behavioural training is given to young players early in their career that help them to progress to higher standards. Today, the Kiwis are the best behaved in many sports disciplines.

New Zealand being a small country with less population is easier tackle. India will be difficult due to its size but no effort should be spared to spread the behavioural code.

This Australian tour has once again raised the problem of attitude of the players. Crackdown now else things will go out of hand.


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