If This Works, Your Next Movie Outing Will Get Cheaper

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If all goes well, your next movie experience may turn out fairly light on the pocket !

The High Court Of Mumbai recently ruled that cinema-goers cannot be prohibited from carrying their own food and water into the theatres.

This one judgement can turn the tables on what you spend each time you visit a multiplex or theatre. 

From being pushed to buy a bottle of water at a 100-2000% premium to indulging in a small tub of popcorn at 180 rupees, every movie has now become a very cost-intensive trip…

Pune365 spoke to a few theatre/ multiplex officials including PVR and apparently they had not received any official advise in this regard, as on date. While an official of PVR admitted that as on date, no outside food or drink is being permitted they will definitely comply with whatever the orders are once they are received.

The court was hearing a PIL by Jainendra Baxi represented by his advocate Aditya Pratap.

The PIL highlights, “This Petition is being filed related to infringement of the “Right to Life” of medically vulnerable persons and senior citizens, who are not permitted to bring their own food articles and water inside the theatres, while at the same time, despite the restriction imposed under section 121 of the Maharashtra Cinemas (Regulation) Rules, 1966, fast food is served and also permitted to be consumed inside the theatres.”…

Parikshit Kulkarni, Marketing professional “I don’t think it’s fair to the vendors, because they pay huge rent to owners and there should be something for them to earn after investing so much.

If this is implemented in the city, no one will buy food from these theatre vendors.”

We should also think about the people working in theatres. The margin is low and the theatre needs to cater all the expense.

I agree that the food is expensive and one can debate on the prices of food. Selling the products at MRP, or more affordable prices to everyone is the real solution.

Nobody is forcing you to buy food inside, it is your choice.” Parikshit adds.

“Food should be a choice and not a restriction, I visit a theatre at least once a week and each time I cant go and eat popcorn, samosa and nachos,” says Rhea Shah, content writer.

Firstly, they don’t have food options, the food inside is far too expensive, and I don’t think its that hygienic.

The movie lasts for three hours and kids normally feel hungry and cant hold on for so long, so it’s again a disadvantage for the younger children as you end up buying some junk food for them. Healthy options are also very few.

There are clearly two sides to this. This move is good but it has its share of issues, says Akshaya Tapkir, student.

I understand it is difficult to manage without food for senior citizens and kids, but this is going to impact the cleanliness of the theatre too.

Imagine a person getting his own ‘dabba’ and accidentally drop it all over the seat etc. It can create quite a mess if you think about it! She further adds that “vendors should sell a variety of food which is healthy for all age groups and the price should be affordable for everyone.

Shreeya Parsekar, Student, “The main grouse is the unreasonable prices of everything, be it mineral water at 50-80 rupees for a bottle to the price of any food item. Why do they have to put such high premiums on everything?

This move will be certainly welcomed by the city despite the probability of them hiking the ticket prices to make up the gap.” she adds.


#All views reflected in this article are those of the individual respondents and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them.

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