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Here are questions from readers that were addressed by leading psychiatrist Dr Manish Bajpayee. The identities of the solution-seekers have been withheld to protect their privacy. You too can send your questions at editorial@pune365.com

Dear Doctor, I am struggling with a major stress issue post a traumatic experience in my life. I use my job as a means to escape from the agony of dealing with it. I haven’t been able to concentrate on my work because I am very distracted and I cannot focus. Should I quit my job and seek therapy to recover from this? Please help.

If you are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) then the personality changes over time. You become over stressed and develop a sort of a depressive personality. If you don’t take treatment, then this will occur. You should get yourself treated and some medication will help as well.

My wife died from cancer a few months back. This incident has surely devastated me and my two children whom I have to care for. My kids are aged six and four respectively. They still do not understand that their mother is gone. Can you please guide me on how I can explain the situation to them?

This is a very tough situation. Absence is something that should be explained through a story. The children will feel bad but you should be there for them. Don’t lie to them about what the situation is like. It is best if you break it to them soon.

Doctor, should I share the details of my on going therapy (for my OCD) with my close friends. I trust them. But, is this something that I should keep just to myself?

Just keep all the details to yourself. You must maintain confidentiality about this. That’s all.

I have decided to take an active step and treat my depression using nutrition and holistic healing. What is your opinion on this? How big a part does your nutrition play in your mental and emotional well-being? I’ve read very encouraging reports but I do not want to take a chance.

Nutrition plays a very big part in your mental well-being. I’d say that it holds about 60 to 70 per cent of importance. Exercise is a very important activity that you must engage in. I am not very sure about holistic healing. But taking your vitamins, minerals and nutrients as well as exercising regularly prevents recurrence and mood dips.

Dr Manish Bajpayee

Dr Manish Bajpayee

Dr Manish Bajpayee is a consultant psychiatrist in Pune with over 20 years of extensive clinical experience in assessing and treating clients with a range of psychological problems and other mental health related issues. He is currently a consultant with Inamdar Hospital and Ruby Hall Clinic. Dr Bajpayee addresses reader queries every other Thursday on Pune365.
Dr Manish Bajpayee