This Is When It Is Time To Take The Chill Pill

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It is a fear which makes us break into sweat, the heart pounding, pulse racing and brain focusing on some impending doom.

Most of us, at some time or another, go through this phenomenon called Hypochondria. So relax and do something about it.

Hypochondria is a serious condition and can affect your mindset, behavioural patterns and even damage your marriage or relationships with others.

And once you are trapped in the hypochondriac syndrome, then it gets very difficult to get out of it.

A mere cold or flu affects your breathing, so you start thinking that a heart attack is imminent. Similarly gas can cause all sorts of pains in the chest but it does not mean a heart attack.

That nagging boil on the neck may be what it is – just a boil and not a cancerous lump.

Headaches do not mean brain tumour or a stroke all the time. Migraines and sinuses can cause persistent headaches too.

Some hypochondriacs even doubt the doctor’s conclusions and keep giving a running commentary of their problem with their spouses, kids, neighbours and every other person in sight.

Hypochondria leads to production of more adrenalin in the body as anxiety grows. This brings about some nervous moments which make you feel that death is knocking on your door.

Here are some easy things you can do to get rid of this condition.

Consult the Doctor: When in doubt, seek the doc immediately. It is better to put to rest whether the thing you are suffering with is serious or not. Go to a doctor you trust and then close the case.

Distraction: Don’t let your mind dwell on your “condition”. Focus elsewhere. If your wife/husband/kids know your habits, they will administer these distractions.

Sympathy: Don’t go down the sympathy path. That way you only console yourself temporarily and make a nuisance of yourself with both family and friends. The more you tell, the more nuisance you become.

Understanding: The body is noisy so don’t let certain noises trouble you. If you focus on your knee you will feel some odd sensation there. If you concentrate on your heart you will find some flutter or a skip in the heartbeat. These are normal. Bear with it. You still many years to live.

Logic: if your report says you are normal, then you are normal. Don’t read too much into tests which may show your cholesterol is on the higher the side. If the doctor says it is “all good” then it is.

Do Something: If you are not bedridden, then go out. Meet friends or go for a movie. This helps a lot. If you can do this, then death is distracted somewhere else.

Google: Don’t Google your illness ever. That is the cause of most problems with normal people and hypochondriacs. Google can open up possibilities of you having double pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma or meningitis when you are what you are suffering from is just a common flu.

Self-Medicate: Absolute No. You may get complications through taking medicines for imaginary illnesses.

Chill Pill: The best cure. Relax, listen to music, see a good film or read a good book. Mr Death is a busy man who has lined you up probably after many more moons. Live life king-size.