How To Stay 45 When You Are Pushing 60

old man playing the guitar
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Recent studies have proved that a man is still young until the age of 65, gets to middle age after that and enters old age at 80.

Now, before you raise your eyebrows and pooh-pooh the matter, this is not a study by some quack working for a beauty products company. These conclusions are drawn by many top surveys and even endorsed by the World Health Organisation.

But don’t think that you can pass off 60 for 18 looks-wise or otherwise. You can feel 18 but you need to do some hard work to pass off for say around 45 going on 60.

This is not going to be easy business. You have to live up to your mindset and set goals in your life to look youngish. So be prepared for a rough ride to smoothen those wrinkles, tuck in the beer belly and keep the grey hair out of sight.

Here are some tips for both men and women which may work, mind and body willing:

Positivity: Stay positive always. Don’t groan and moan about how you find it difficult to move, how arthritis has made it difficult to do anything or why you suffer from acidity regularly.  Just forget it, hit the weights, walk the treadmills dance the zumba and see the difference.

Patience: Your body is old and wasted. Have patience while you get your loosel muscles to get a bit of life in them. Don’t use protein supplements to pump up or you may end up looking 90 instead of 45 once you give up.

Healthy Eating:  You may have to come down from five cans a day to zilch on working days. Beer gives you a paunch which in turn makes you look old and out of shape. Forget big breakfasts and meals and follow the dietician. You have to give some to get some.

Have Curry: Before you ask why, here is the explanation. It is believed that curry helps your mental processes and keeps the brain sharp and avoids repeated dithering and dawdling.

Grey Hair: You can’t pass off for younger if you go for the George Clooney look. A grey one here or there is okay but avoid the total grey look until it become a fashion.

Hair Care: Ask your offspring what the latest hairstyle is and go get it. Use creams etc if it helps.

Clothes: Stay moderately in but not outrageously so. You won’t be able to carry off some of the stuff the young wear nowadays. Don’t try to show your wrinkled skin by wearing short tops or your ugly behind with low-waist jeans. Your clothes should fit well.

Get organised: This is important. By doing so, your life span will also increase, according to a study.

Shopping: Some studies have found out shopping can help you live longer. Whoever thought of that is a genius. Make sure you shop on your partner’s money because that gives you the maximum pleasure as you buy, he pays. It takes years off you.

Smile: Smile a lot please. It makes even a 90-year-old look younger. Keep your teeth sparkling white and in shape so that it takes a few more years off you. And if you still want to look 60 and act like a irritating, crotchety old coot after reading the above, then at least laugh it off.

Sex: Who would say No?