Honey, This Is Just Not Working Anymore!

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From the lovey struck “Hey Honey’ to the sullen faced “Its not working anymore’ explains the current relationship syndrome that the youth are faced with. Breaking up is hard, yet the reality is that not every relationship today stands the test of time.

People come to terms with the pain eventually and find peace in their own way, be it by weeping unconsolably or laughing it all off with a drink with their friends.

No matter how easy it seems aka Bollywood, with its quintessential breakup songs, it remains a tough patch to go through and eventually it is the individual, who has to get over with it.

We at Pune365 spoke to a cross section of young people to decode the factors contributing to today’s fast breakups. They shared with us their individual reasons that prompted ending the relationship…

Rakesh Shukla, a Web designer says,” she was cute but too much to handle. We dated for six months, but I eventually got more interested in her best friends, so I decided to breakup and texted her.

The message read, ‘Ily’ she replied `can you spell that for me, it makes me feel special’ within fraction of seconds, I replied I’m leaving you! He added with a laugh.

“He was not good in bed, so I dumped him.” says Sakshi Khade, Athlete

He was a decent one woman man and I really liked him, but I wasn’t satisfied with my sex life with him. Before breaking up, I spoke to him many a times yet nothing helped us. Thus, I dumped him and lost a beautiful soul, Sakshi adds.

Shraddha Rai, a Software Developer says, “It is good to love yourself before loving others, but not always. My ex-boyfriend was too self obsessed.”

He was a gym-freak, I met him through tinder and he was one handsome man, with his big biceps and lean body. We went on a couple of dates and each time, all we did, was talk about his fitness regime, his protein shakes and his ex-girlfriends…

C’mon! You are out with your girlfriend and there are many other things to talk about.

In the last six months of our relationship, there wasn’t a single time that he complimened me. I had to breakup with him, saying my parents are forcing me to get married to a childhood friend. Shraddha adds.

“Relationships have now become a blame game, I have too many responsibilities to handle, and didn’t want to add one more,” says Ronit Waghela, Marketing Professional

She was one cranky girl, from the time I picked her up right upto dropping her home.  I realised I had no life for myself and to add to all this, she used to check my phone!

I told her I’m gay and left. I had no other option and it had become really difficult to deal with her everyday.


All views expressed in this article are those of the individual respondents ( names changed on request) and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them.

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