Holidaying With Your Lovely Pet Made Easy

Pet-friendly Holiday Resorts
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Do you cringe looking at those innocent eyes staring at you the moment you pack your bags for a holiday?

No true pet lover will want to leave their lovely pet behind, yet, finding a place that is welcoming to dogs and cats is always a daunting task..

We at Pune365 know this feeling and decided to scout around to find places close to the city that seriously welcome pets and offer you a relaxed break:

The Peppy Paws Resort

This resort is specially designed for pets and managed by Priya and Roshan Poduval. They also offer pet boarding for your furries where they are kept uncaged and free all day.

There are social activities for your pets where they can bond with other pets and play.

Peppy Paws also boasts of professional caretakers and 24 hours supervision of vets.

Place: Pune

Ratan Villa Resort

Keen on a relaxed hill station break with your pet? Here’s where you can have the best of both at Panchgani.

Ratan Villa is extremely pet friendly and offers villa accommodation to suit your needs.

The villa includes two bedrooms, a garden and a terrace as individual rooms. The villa also features a fully equipped kitchen with an oven and TV. The villa is less than 1km away from Parsi Point and 3.6 km from Sydney point.

Place: Panchgani.

The Jungle Resort

The jungle resort is a perfect getaway with your pet. This beautiful resort is located in Amba which is 5 hours away from Pune. The surroundings of the resort is like the same suggests- covered with greenery, trees and bushes. This destination is also home to many beautiful birds.

Jungle resort is spread over 5 acres and welcomes your pet free of cost. The owner of the resort also incidentally has pets and few cats which are extremely friendly. If you are looking for a quiet vacation in nature’s lap with your pet, this may be your place.

Place: Jungle Resort, located in Amba, 04 Taluka Shahuwadi

West Valley Villa

Are you craving that strawberry and cream? Or, that giant sandwich at Mapro? Here is a place where you can enjoy the strawberry cream with your pooch, West valley villa is just 3 km away from Mapro garden.

West valley villa has barbecue facilities along with a garden accessible in-house. You can also enjoy the picturesque view from the villa. Don’t forget to enjoy Lingmala Falls and it is just 8 kms away from the villa. Villaway has some similar villas in Cabo and they are stunning. Well worth checking out.

Place: Mahabaleshwar

Matheran Bungalows

Who would not enjoy a trip to the lovely and serene Matheran in this awesome weather? This time, no boarding your pet. Matheran Bungalows are waiting for you and your pet.

Matheran Bungalow has rooms at a distance which also give you your privacy.

Rooms come with a private bathrooms, a dining area, fridge and a common veranda.

Place: Matheran

Bon Voyage!


#All images and details are only for reader information. You are advised to check finer details with all the establishments directly. This is not an official #Pune365 review.


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