Here’s How You Can Get That First Date Right

First Date
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Dates are never easy and more so, the first one, say most young couples of Pune.

While meeting a new person is fun, not all dates have a fairy tale ending, especially when you realise that your date is just not your kind..

The man with bad breath, the self-obsessed girl, the guy who asked you about your past, and the girl who was a die-hard feminist..  

Pune365 spoke to Pune’s young couples who had loads of tips to share on getting the first date right. Mind you, these are all experienced people talking!  

Don’t Make Your Date Wait:

Deciding the venue shouldn’t become a big deal; He called me to a restaurant and went to another, says Shivani Singh, Web Designer.

Girls like punctual guys, or at least guys who don’t make us wait. Recalling an incident, Saloni shared “We met through tinder and he called me to a pre-decided restaurant and he went to some other.  By the time he reached the venue two hours later, I was already done with my self-dinner date.  

I assumed that he had another date planned the same day and this probably caused the confusion on the venue. 

We never met after that! Both individuals should avoid reaching late, and date one person at a time, so you don’t get confused with the date and the venue, she added.

Never Delve Into The Past:

Akash Modi, Petsitter says, Never ask her about her past. You don’t need to know it unless she’s comfortable.

I recollect making this mistake and asked my date about her ex-boyfriends and sexual relationships. I never did hear from her after that!

Avoid The Self-Obsessed One:

She was a gym freak and her diet, her workout and her protein shake is all she spoke about, says Rutuj Palande, Choreographer.

Avoid the ones who are way too self-obsessed. A date is about two people getting to know each other. However my date with Sneha was only about her.

She was so much into herself that she even called me Rahul at the end of the date.

Make Your Date Feel Comfortable:

I would advise people not to be cheesy on your date, says Ayesha Makhani, a Marketing executive.

Complimenting an individual is ok, but holding hands and trying to kiss; that is so not ok with us! Girls prefer feeling secure over uncomfortable.

Allow Your Date To Split The Bill:

Roshell Cyrus, Flight Attendant says, “In my opinion  at the end of the date he should let me pay my share of the bill.

This is not when he should act smart by saying “Let me take care of it!”

Avoid Feminism:

Gaurav Rathi, an entrepreneur says, It is a date, not a battleground, so feminism should be kept at home.

Appreciate the different opinion but don’t drag your horse along.

Smell Good:

Imagine going out with a guy and when you decide to get close to him, you sense his bad breath!

That is completely a turn off moment for me,

So guys ensure that you brush well before you take her out. says Misha Kanani, a bakery owner.

No Salary Talk Here:

Johnson Joseph says, “Avoid asking us about how much money we make.

Rather, concentrate on what we do and how we do it.”

I would definitely tell her how much I make, but, certainly not on the first date. So Ladies Avoid It!


#All views expressed in this article are those of the individual respondents and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them.



#All views expressed in this are those of the individual respondents (some names are changed on request)and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them.

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