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Does your partner constantly grumble about every single thing? Have you noticed that they have a negative attitude towards everything?

If this is really the case and it has begun to bother you, these tips from Pune’s couples may help you resolve the eternal conflict.,,

Janice Mathew, Dancer says, “They behave negative for a reason. It could be lack of success or the belief of not being smart enough or an issue of low self confidence. Most of the time they also learn this behaviour from the elderly members of the family or at times, it is the way they have been brought up.

I would try and understand the reason behind the negative behaviour. An ultimate solution is to give the person all the love, respect and care that they have been craving for, However, it is important to be careful when your feeding the desires of negative people as they may take advantage of it and continue with the behaviour.

As the saying goes, before you seek change in others, change yourself first. So don’t expect your partner to change completely and immediately. Yet, you can almost always win a person with love, Janice added.

Kaustub Dixit, Photographer says, “A negative partner is synonymous with being an egoistic person in a relationship.

I can always help her by making her aware of the consequences of her behaviour and support her in every instance. However in the end, the choice is hers, whether to change the decision or continue with it. And, you must accept your partner’s behaviour and move with it.

A simple mantra to deal with such a situation, would be to listen and understand, Don’t take it personally and make your partner realise their behaviour, he added.

Rohan Tendulkar, a techie, believes it is easy to change yourself, but changing someone else is not an easy task, especially when he or she is your partner.

The ego game is common in a relationship and more when you have a partner who has a negative outlook towards everything.

A woman is difficult to deal with especially when they’re full of negativity. You have to be her bitchy friend when she cribs or criticises just about everything, be it her nail colour to the socks she is wearing.

Rohan further opines that it is difficult to make her understand but not impossible. I always help my partner express those emotions by encouraging her to write, talk, indulge in a hobby. This can help her drain the negative energy. Some other couples also have a cleansing ritual for negative energy in their homes. Bad energy and omens are not good for any relationship so cleansing the area can increase the positivity and happiness of the space, making room for a happier relationship.

Stay focused to their good side, respect and love them. This is the only way they can overcome their negativity.

Keep yourself charged positively at all times. This will reduce your partners negativity and is the ideal way to help yourselves far from the negative vibes, says Harshali Mutha, Content developer.

For instance, if your partner complains about something, put forth the two good things about the same thing. Handling a negative partner is more like teaching good things to your child, so don’t frustrate yourself in the process, or you may just push them towards depression.

Be patient because you have to play the part of listening to your partner, praise him when he admires anything or does not complain.

Don’t expect perfection or a complete change, good things will take time, Mutha added.

Pratik Bhaskar, financial advisor says, My partner is cranky about everything, so I try to point out to my partner about being negative each time. I take it as my responsibility to do so, otherwise my partner will never get to know where she is going wrong.

Another important need is to compliment your partner too when they are understanding and positive Make it a point to raise your positive energy over their negative energy, he added.


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