Here’s How You Can Deal With A Flirty Partner

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Experts claim that flirting is good for health, yet, excessive flirting can take a toll on several things including your relationship…

Being in a relationship is always considered fun but a flirty partner may just get on your nerves and break the bond.

This takes tact and innovative thinking to deal with, say these young Puneites speaking to Pune365. 

Tanvi Tyagi, Badminton player says, “ If it is bothering you too much, let him know. There is no reason to accept any behaviour that annoys you or upsets you.

There are various ways of dealing with it, however do not ignore this! If you continue to ignore, the chances are that he will keep repeating it. Ask him why he needs attention from all the women.

You have to understand that it is going to be difficult to change his behaviour in a day or two, so be patient. Ask him why he needs to flirt? And understand his reasons behind flirting since it will help you deal with him better, Tanvi added.

Rohit Sharma, Entrepreneur says, Flirting is okay but both partners shouldn’t cross the line.  Flirting if done with an intention of winning a persons love or having an affair is termed as cheating.

However In my opinion, if I ever had to deal with a flirty partner, I would flirt too! Make them feel what you feel.” It is tried and tested and works wonders always.

Flirt with her friends, girls get more insecure when their guy flirts with a person they know, he added.

Arya Kanani, Banker says  It is difficult to change a grown up man, but you can certainly try talking it out.

If that doesn’t work work, whisper something hot in their ears. Dress up hot and talk about their fantasy and they’ll come behind you begging! 

Keep calm while dealing with it! says Jennifer D’souza, a Content writer says, “Spewing anger at your partner is not going to help.

Take a deep breath. Calm your soul and be assertive in an argument.

Show some trust in your partner, show affection by doing little things like holding hands, standing next to him and telling everyone about your man.

Also, let him know that he is your man and his behaviour towards other girl hurts you. She added.”

We’re in a live-in relationship and my partner has a habit of flirting with every woman he sees, however, he has never cheated on me, or flirted behind my back says Vinita Khomane, Photographer.

Yet, whenever I see him flirting, I don’t allow him to make love to me for several weeks and don’t cook either.. Nothing has worked better than this! 

Keep a distance when you see him gathering other attention; Eventually, a man has to return to his house, Vinita added.


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