Have You Visited These Camping Destinations Near Pune

Camping around Pune
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Tired of the same old drill and ready to break free?

If the answer is yes. we may have just the thing your looking for! Get set to spend quality time with your friends, family or that special person. Your irritating alarm will soon be replaced with the sweet chirping of birds as you wake up to nature, which can be made even more relaxing if you’ve got your very own camping hammock to alleviate any back pain you may have.

Here’s a list of camping sites around Pune that offer you all this and more on your much needed break from the woes of the city.


If you are planning a weekend to soak in the nature then camping in Velhe is the place you ought to look at. Velhe can offer you a fun trip with lots of excitement. Picturesque with the sun shining on the beautiful sparkling blue water against the green hills. A two hours drive from Pune will take you to to the Velhe campsite, that offers bonfires, live music and a grill. Of course, you can always bring your own, especially if you want to cook under cover. Just be sure to find the best electric grill indoor for your needs.


Bhatghar Dam
Necklace Point – Bhatghar Dam. Image: Youtube

Located just outside Pune, Bhor is a major tourist attraction among Punekars. Bhatghar dam is especially known for its lakeside activities and breathtaking hilly view. It is also a haven for adventure lovers who can go kayaking, skywalking, zorbing and zip-lining

Pawna Lake

Pawana Lakeside Camping
Image: insider.in

Lonavala has always been a favourite with Puneites and this lake is just 15kms away.

it is a beautiful unexplored lake that is open for all the nature lovers to experience complete peace on the lakeside.

Pawna lake is known also for the paragliding facility near the temple. The tents offer a beautiful view too. Watching the sunrise and sunset from Pawna is even more mesmerising.

Panshet dam

Panshet Dam
Image: aroundpune.com

A dam situated on the Ambi river in Pune district also known as Tanaji Sagar Dam.

The scenic beauty of the dam has attracted many trekkers, nature and adventure lovers.

It is an ideal picnic spot be it with friends, family, or loved ones.

Camping is offered near the lakeside and is truly beautiful with a soft breeze and the dye blue sky. It also has fascinating watersports like speed boat rides, kayaking, banana boat rides, and water scooters. Camping overnight is offered with tents, live music, and amazing barbequed food and you can either go with the event organizers or on your own as the dam site is open to all. So grab your camper trailer throw in your clothes and take the camping adventure.

The place offers a picturesque view with hills and lush green beauty of the huge Sahyadri Range. The dam is also home too many to migratory birds


Khopoli Camping
Image: Smartstay

A tranquil spot in the lap of nature with relaxing waterfalls, Khopoli makes a wonderful destination. It has secluded spots as well as settlement areas- a combination that makes it just right.

The place is known for its waterfalls, surrounded by thick dense forest. It is also a haven for hikers as the view from the top is breathtaking.

Camping here can be one of the best experiences one can ever have. The piping hot smoked chicken available near the Kalote lake is known to be a hot favourite with the visitors.


##All images are details are purely indicative and readers are advised to check finer details at the respective destinations.

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