If work at the office has suddenly got very interesting and the late evening meeting is no longer drudgery, it may just mean a lot more than your new found dedication…

Your boss may just be the reason and there is a good chance, that you find him/her far more interesting than just the chair he sits on. Complicated, tough to understand, yet, an unusual warm feeling each time you see the boss.

Yes, a crush is what this is called and Pune’s younger population admit to this quite unabashedly too:

“He has no idea about my feelings but, the moment I see him leaving the cabin for coffee, I take my breaks just to have a good conversation over a coffee,” says Juhi Markande, PR executive.

Stalking him on social media has become a habit now, I make sure that I like every post of his and it has becomes essential for me to support him everywhere, be it at work or on his social media timeline…

” I work very hard to get a chance to attend that one meeting with him that is invariably late evening” Juhi adds with a smile.

Shruti, Artist, “Of course not, he is an old man and I have young people to fall for.

Although he is among one of the handsome men at the office, but certainly not worth falling for. I would much look for a new bee at the office.”

I think it is quite normal to have a crush on your boss, especially when your boss is young. Bosses has always been imagine to be rusty old, bald men, and not everyone gets lucky like me, says Divya Sen, content writer.

Ever since I had a crush on him, eight hours are not enough and work has become a priority now.  I have started spending more time in office, often waiting back with him, just for a few glances from him

I have never thought of confessing it to him, as having an affair with the boss could be very tricky. Sen adds.

Crystal, a business analyst says, She is indeed one hot woman to be with, My boss is a female in her 30s, bold, beautiful and gracious.

“I am gay and she is not aware of it, so I am part of her discussions and often seen together in the office and after office.

I haven’t expressed it yet, because she is straight and an affair with a boss is complicated and may cost me the job,” she adds.

My boss is in his 50s married and has kids who are my age, yet, he is still the hottest man I have seen in our industry, quips Richa Desai, a fashion designer.

They say sometimes love enters your life without seeking permission, It sounds silly to have a crush on someone who is my father’s age. He talks so sensibly and understands me well, not only on the work front but in order respects to. 

“Bosses are not my cup of tea, even if they are young,” quips Rahul Jadhav, Software professional.

Very few people are lucky to have a young female boss, though in corporates it is now quite common. As it is, we work beyond 8 hours and having a crush on the boss, means working harder to impress her, and this is is next to impossible.

“There are many girls around, I would much rather have a crush on my friends boss, rather than mine,” Rahul  adds.


#All views expressed in this article are those of the individual respondents ( some names changed on request) and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them. 




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