Pune, Have You Bought Your Helmet Yet ?

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The city is just a few days away from the implementation of the mandatory helmet rule and yet, it is witnessing mixed reactions with sections of people even questioning their need and efficacy…

Making a point, Alekh Godhrawalla, a businessman says, “The local authorities have been repeatedly highlighting the consequences of not wearing a helmet, yet, those in power can’t seem to realise the importance of saving lives and instead, choose to challenge the enforcement.

“If those in power keep opposing anything and everything, then citizens are bound to violate all the rules and regulations. How are people going to abide by the law if the people in power and their parties aren’t accepting the notification?”

cpp-twt-sachin-tendulkar_helmetSachin Tendulkar

Pune365 have been campaigning extensively over the past year to enforce the wearing of helmets in the city and with the recent notification was a welcome initiative.

With just a week to go before it is made compulsory, we hit the roads to check if citizens have bought their helmets yet…

“Frankly, I know the number of multiple times this rule was implemented and quickly forgotten and knowing Pune, this time also it will be the same.

Yet, given the fact that social media is flooded with posts about the use of helmets, I am here buying one for myself,” shares Samanvay Seth, an animator.

“More so, because I recently bought a high powered bike to travel across states, I wanted to make sure that I am decked up with all the biking gear that will keep me safe and look great too.

Basically, buying the helmet was the first criteria my father posed to me, if I wanted to own a bike,” he adds.

Interestingly, our Pune365 team found (after extensive market visits) only three women buying a helmet for themselves in the wake of the mandatory helmet drive.

A Hadapsar resident, Harikishan Sahae however is still debating whether to invest in a helmet that can save his precious life.

“It is very inconvenient for me to wear a helmet and drive since I am not used to it. Even if I buy one, I know I will be wearing it only when I see cops undertaking a helmet checking drive.

And, if I can dodge that, then why spend hundreds on it. I think I will wait to see how the city responds to the drive and then take a call on buying a helmet,” Harikishan adds.

Image Courtesy: Twitter, Tejaswi Satpute, Deputy Commissioner of Police.

Taking cognisance of the increasing number of accidents due to helmet-less driving, various educational institutes in the city have released circulars promoting the use of helmets.

“My 14-year-old son the other day influenced me to come to a helmet shop. He has been hearing about the mandatory helmet drive in the city and wanted me to be a ‘good citizen’ and own one.

I wouldn’t have bothered to buy one, if not for my son. I think educational institutes, social organisations, the media are doing a great job on bringing to light what the city really needs and that is influencing the future generation as well.

Thanks to this, I own my first helmet today,” shares Mangesh Date, a corporate employee.



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