Harmless Lies Are Fine In A Relationship And Can Actually Help!

Lies in Relationship
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Staying truthful in a relationship gives it the perfect foundation for eternal happiness, say the wise…

The openness and honesty with respect to your feelings and thoughts, positive and negative is vital for a strong relationship.

Yet, even the truth can hurt your partner. Hence it is important to strike the right balance between truth and the simple white lie with good intentions, say city couples speaking to Pune365 

Let them win the fight! Always take a step back and let them know that they’re right, says Ajay Mehta, Pet sitter.

Letting them know that they’re right instantly takes them out of their defensive mode. It also makes it easy for them to understand the reason for your fights and helps sort it out, Ajay added.

Lies that make my partner feel good are always okay in a relationship says Abhilash Waghmare, IT professional.

Be it watching her favourite serial 10 times and still laughing on the same old joke or lying about how well she cooks!  The crucial lie in a relationship is of course that she is always well maintained and never looks overweight, Abhilash adds.

Anuja Awale, Chef says, You should not discuss your ex-affairs with your partners. They may pretend to understand the situation at that moment, but that is definitely going to strike back hard.

Best to avoid it and focus on discussing your future plans with even when you don’t really mean to, Anuja adds..

Nimesh Bhatia, Customer service executive says, I have always had the habit of being a very frank with everyone. I often compliment girls and my girlfriend hates it.

So, I wait for her to admire the same girl and then acknowledge it to show how cool I can be! 

Assure him that you would do anything for him says Madhuri Shah, Nutritionist.

Obviously, you’re not going to kill a few people for that or take him on a world tour, but just say it. It will comfort him.

By saying that, it shows your care and affection towards the person and as everyone knows it is an exaggerated statement, so it is all accepted well, she added. 

Thank them for the presents they bring even when you don’t like it and appreciate their efforts, says Preeti Matiwali, Fitness expert.

My boyfriend is a Punjabi and often gifts me dresses from Punjab which has some odd colour combinations which I don’t like at all.

But I never forget to thank him for the efforts he has taken, Preeti added.


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