#Happy2018 – Pune On Bridges Burnt And Starting Anew


A new beginning for some and a chapter closed for others, Puneites are certainly busy chalking out their plans for yet another year. While some take up a new job, others are looking forward to new loves. But they all seem to agree that there’s no looking back.

Read on for Puneites bare their souls on what the first day of the New Year means to them.

New Beginnings

“Starting things off on an auspicious note is mandatory in Hindu culture. 2018 is no different,” says Shikha Gandhi who recently found herself between jobs. “I’ve been a corporate slave for the past 18 years, but now is my time. So I’ve sketched out a business plan for my own landscaping and interior design business.

“Tomorrow, I head to the banks and apply for a business loan. It’s been my passion for far too long. Time to take the plunge.”

A Proposal

“My life has changed completely since yesterday,” quips Krupa Deshmukh. “Sarang my long time boyfriend just proposed to me on New Year’s eve. It was unexpected as we’re only 22. But now as the bride-to-be, I have a whole spate of activities to plan and do. I’d expected 2018 to be a relatively quiet year for me, but my fiancé just filled it with a ton of excitement.

“You see I was just going over the happenings of the year and making my list of 2017 achievements. When I realized I hadn’t accomplished much at all. I guess he realized I’d been feeling a little low and he decided to remedy that by popping the question. It certainly made my day and my year! Well gals, looks like I picked a winner.”

Bridges Burnt

“The last year saw me burn a few bridges and bid adieu to a few people who my life revolved around,” opines Parsh Shankar. “For me personally, this day is about meeting new people and filling the void. No one is permanent, but there’s plenty more fish in the sea. Make room gents, I’m about to hit Tinder. Ladies- here I come!”

Goodbye Pune

Agra born Shiv Singha has been a Puneite for the past nine years. “First college and then my first job, Pune has been home for as long as I can remember. But now, my parents have retired. They need me back with them in Agra, so I’m taking the day to say goodbye to the city I love.

“I hope to be back someday to stay forever. Until then- so long Pune!”

Aditi Balsaver

Aditi Balsaver

A rapacious reader and animal lover, Aditi is a traveler on weekends and a writer at night..
Aditi Balsaver