#Halloween – Pune’s Close Encounters With The Paranormal

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With Halloween around the corner, Pune is gearing up for the hottest soirees of the season. We at Pune365 decided to spike the the gummy worms and carved pumpkin lanterns with  a spooky vibe…

These are first person accounts of trysts with the paranormal and certainly not meant for the faint hearted. Read at your own peril.  

Elevator Haunting- Anvesha Agrawal

“My apartment building has an elevator large enough to fit an ambulance stretcher. Last week, I stepped in it after work to go to the 7th floor where I reside. The lights suddenly went off around the 3rd floor. Stuck in the lift, It was pitch dark, and that is when I heard shuffling of footsteps behind me.

It was creepy to say the least and I noticed something moving at the back of the lift. I pressed myself up against the elevator doors and could feel a chill behind me. We have a generator backup, so the lift restarted with dim lights after 3 minutes. However, this was scary enough to ensure that I only take the stairs each time.

Never the elevator again!”

Late one night in LoniShikha Kalra

“I was walking along a dimly lit street on my way to the college hostel in Loni late one night. It was 2am and I was jittery and quite apprehensive about being admonished by the warden. However, walking down the shady lane, I couldn’t quite shake the feeling that of someone following me.

The entire road was lifeless and devoid of vehicles, save a stray cat fishing through a smelly garbage bin. Suddenly I heard a grunt behind me and felt a sharp tug at my bag. Startled, I saw a long shadow in my peripheral vision! it was all I needed to sprint to my hostel gates.

I turned back seconds later, to see no one. It was eerily quiet.”

The Hotel Ghost- Ronit Shinoy

I was interning at a city hotel late last month and we’d all heard dark stories about the ghost in room 303. When on housekeeping duty, I was making the bed in 303 and suddenly,  all the doors slammed shut. I ran for the door trying to yank it open, but the lights went out, making it worse!

I could hear the eerie sound of a child gasping, and I almost wet myself. The sound got louder and closer like someone was approaching me, but all I could do was bang on the door, calling for help. I felt something tiny touch me, and just then, my manager unlocked the door manually. Phew.

Knock Knock..– Vineet Talreja

“As a tenant in the city, my roommate and I lived in a 1BHK in Aundh. On the night we first moved in, we were startled when someone started to frantically bang on the bedroom door. It started with a knock initially, but went on to full blown bangs.

I got up to open it but realized we were both in the room and nobody else was home. The next weekend, my landlord confessed that a deceased woman had troubled tenants in the past.




#All views and experiences featured in this article are those of the individual respondents and Pune365 does not vouch for their veracity. 

Aditi Balsaver

Aditi Balsaver

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Aditi Balsaver