Guess What We Found In These Millennial Bags!

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Hand Bags are the millennials best friends now. They are almost quite similar with their stuffed bags strapped onto their backs, earphones plugged in and lost in their own world…

Yes, we at Pune365 are of the curious ilk and couldn’t help wonder what these bags contain and decided to take a good peek into them.

Millennial Backpack
Image used for representation only.

And here’s what we found that the proud bag-teens had equally interesting answers for:

I carry a pair of Socks because, I have stinky feet and I change them in the second half of the day says, Kunal Patel

This may sound strange, but I keep a Knife for my safety. Sometimes its quite funny when someone peeks into my bag and the knife freaks them out, says Priyanka Shetty

I carry a Make-Up Pouch inside my bag since party plans are always sudden, so I keep myself prepared says, Kiran Sakla.

Shelly Dravid carries an Alarm Clock to wake herself up, as she often falls asleep in moving rickshaws and buses.
I carry a Sandwich all the time. Food is life says, Atul Khanna.

I always carry Listerine. Anything stuck in my mouth, irritates me says, Poorva Singh.

I keep a Party-Popper in my bag. I am that guy in our group who always comes into parties with a popper says, Rohan Car.

I carry a Mouth Freshener and my reasons are obvious aren’t they? quips Amit Chawla.

I usually carry a Shampoo Sachet always. My hair is very frizzy, so whenever I feel uncomfortable about my look, I wash my hair. I have done this in the train too, says Preeti Narayan.

I am addicted to smoking so, I carry Pre-Rolled Cones because I may need them at office too, says Rajeev Singha.


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