Greater Awareness And Smart Policing Results In More Responsible Partying

Drink Responsibly
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Road accidents are one of the significant causes of deaths in India…

Hospital emergency rooms are normally flooded with accident cases of which 70 per cent are caused by drunk driving. However, this time around Pune had a significantly safer year end,.

The relatively accident-free December 31st was a perfect example of more responsible partying and greater understanding of the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol. You can be arrested for drink driving so if you’ve been charged with it then contact someone like Robert A. Dodell, Attorney at Law for help.

For the record, the law states that the permissible blood alcohol content (BAC) is 30mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood which is 0.03 per 100 ml blood.

However, if your consumption of liquor is found more than the permissible limit you can be booked for violating Section 185 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, you’re liable to pay a fine and face a six-month jail term. Following this fine and jail term, many people will be more careful to try and avoid getting another sentence. However, for those who continue to re-offend, they can be facing worse charges. That’s why it’s important for them to try and challenge these charges with the help of a lawyer. If you’ve experienced your Third DUI in Nevada, for example, you might want to contact an experienced lawyer local to you to offer you some legal advice.

Studies indicate that an average male weighing about 65kg is within the legal limit if he consumes at best one large whiskey peg (60 ml) OR two pints of beer (equivalent to 660 ml), OR two glasses of wine (200 ml). The above figure may vary based on individual type and weight..

Speaking to Pune365, Tejaswi Satpute, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) says, “At check points, every vehicle is stopped for checking and one of every three people are normally found to have consumed beyond permissible limits. Immediate breath analyser test is carried out, reported and the person is penalised accordingly.

Our personnel are experienced and initially have a conversation with the driver to figure if they are inebriated or beyond limits.

Our department has been consistent with the bandobast and regular checks on alcohol. It is not that everyone is randomly penalised and we use our experience to understand if they are indeed within permissible limits, added Satpute.

The citizens have become more responsible now thanks to the constant awareness and drives from Pune police. I have been a party freak always, but have always been a responsible driver and many times I was left without even using a breathalyser. says Harsh Shah, a Software engineer.

I was never harassed by cops even after drinking as my alcohol consumption was well within the permissible limit. I was allowed to go even during the new years eve.

Shefali Tambe has a different story and shares, I have had the most horrible experience with Pune Police, I was once stopped by a lady constable who was prepared to listen to anything I said, I was not drunk and had consumed only a glass of wine which is within the permissible limit, yet, she refused to return my license.

After doing the test, she said that am drunk and I will be penalised under the motor vehicle act. However, when I asked her for the report, she refused. After a lot of argument, she finally let me go.

The permissible limit of alcohol is something that many police personnel are not aware off resulting in citizens having to suffer.

In my opinion, there has to be proper coordination also between the departments concerned. I have experienced this when paying a challan, Shefali added.

Ashok Ganpat, Gym Trainer says, I was let off after the test and that was a first time for me. I do not drink beyond one peg as am the only person who knows to drive in our group.

Yet, I have paid a fine for just having that one peg which I believed is within the limit. However, on new years I was let off even after the test. When I checked, the policemen said that I was within the limit.

Ganpat further says people have become more responsible now in the city and with such laws and efforts of the police, the city is certainly getting better.

I was truly amazed when they allowed me to go, adds Ganpat.


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