Greetings Earthlings, Welcome To Asgard !

Asgardia Space Nation
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From buying acres of lunar land and mars rocks to seeking citizenship from an Asgardian Space Kingdom; the sky is (quite literally) the limit if you fancy more than earthly pleasures.

While they cannot visit other realms just yet, these Puneites spill the beans on their fascination with all things intergalactic.


Shreyansh Bagadia admits that excitement had gripped him ever since he heard about Asgardia the Space Kingdom. “I’m seeking citizenship so I can immortalize my files with space storage. The first satellite, Asgardia-1 was launched recently and I can’t wait to be a citizen so I can send up my pictures.

The Space Kingdom is currently hosting Parliamentary Elections.


Nivedita Oswal deems it all preposterous. “Humans are astonishing creatures. As if it wasn’t enough to bleed the earth of all her resources, man now wants to conquer other worlds! Even before we travel there, or ascertain if living on the moon is indeed possible; there is a money spinning racquet in place to sell people a piece of the moon.

Loony land owners is more like it. How is this any different from Bunty and Babli selling foreigners the Taj Mahal?” she questions with a chuckle.

Siddharth Mehra seems to disagree for he is the proud owner of an acre of lunar land. “I actually gifted it to my wife on Karwachauth. While other women merely gazed at the moon, I fancied that she own a part of it complete with a lunar deed from that day forward,” he admits quite romantically.

“If SRK bought it, why not us mere mortals?” he asks brandishing his Lunar Map, Constitution and Mineral Rights Document.


“My father bought my mom a fragment of Mars a few years ago. Available online, it’s a great conversation piece for my dad who can’t help but tell every guest the saga,” chuckles Gayatri Kandpal.


“I think a tryst with all things galactic is certainly intriguing ever since Star Wars released,” says Subroto Sen. “Getting a heavenly present for my girl on her birthday was mandatory. So I opted to name a real star after her complete with the star co-ordinates and a certificate. It costed me a little over 2,000 INR but the unique gift made it worth it.”


Intergalactic exploits don’t end at Mars or even stars. People now sport moon rocks. “They make wonderful charms to sport on a bracelet or pendant. I bought a 25 milligram slice online and didn’t regret expending a pretty penny,” Monish Gupta.

Aditi Balsaver

Aditi Balsaver

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