Going For Gore On A Winter’s Night

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After pouring out a third glass of the strong liquid and lighting up a cigar, I got into a relaxed frame of mind.

The night was young, there was a gentle breeze blowing across the room and the leaves were rustling on the trees. A dog howled in the vicinity of my home. It was a perfect winter’s night.

The armchair creaked as I reached out for the glass. It was the perfect setting for watching a nice action film. Flicking through the collection available on TV, I suddenly came across this film which promised a blood fest.

I paused, contemplating whether or not to end my search here and go for gore.

Let me confess at the onset I am no fan of this horror genre. I do not like those scenes when a presence hovers over in a room and takes the protagonists by surprise.

I particularly dislike those creature-features which reveal the sadist side of some horrific looking human beings dead centuries ago but now back to scare innocent women. Then there are those where people crawl out of graves, flesh falling out with faces like cabbages flecked with blood.

And who can forget the dreaded Count Dracula, the Transylvania terror, whose main occupation was to suck the blood of poor, innocent women in skimpy, see-through night dresses to nourish his body and make it glow like some skin cream advertisement.

The Count lived in a coffin, came out only at night, and roamed in the streets of cities and forests in search of blood. Every time he did surface from six feet under, he gave a headache to one Professor Abraham Van Helsing whose only quest in life was to counter the Count.

This professor was a very clever man and knew lots about counts, the sun and garlic. But some stupid person always spilt blood in the vicinity of his grave to give the professor more migraine.

And there was this other character called Frankenstein’s monster, the handiwork of a doctor who was wasting his time on creating a superhuman while his patients cried in corridors of hospitals and rolled on the floor yelling for his help.

God punished this stupid doctor and made his experiment go wrong. What was created was a huge monster that runs amok and terrorises many.

He would never die as he was full of nuts and bolts. Many Hollywood directors capitalised on this and raked in cash by the buckets. Now we have Freddy and Jason, both characters whose faces look like that of residents of some faraway planet where a few alien ants had a go on them.

Freddy’s main aim was attack some young people living on Elm Street. Somehow he always escaped and came back again for more.

This Jason is obsessed with a woman whom he can never get despite a bagful of horrific, sadistic and depraved tricks.

Just then there was a loud bang, followed by a huge thud. The creepy howl of the dogs in the distance echoed in the background. The wind picked up speed and the curtains swayed like a dancer. A sort of whistling noise pervaded the room.

Then, a loud knock on the door.


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