#GoGreen: Five Solar Powered Gizmos You Must Own

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Here’s how you can contribute to protecting our environment…

Solar energy can be harnessed for lot more than just heating your bath water. Today, we have airports like Kochi ( Cochin, Kerala) entirely powered by solar energy proving beyond doubt that harnessing the power of the sun is the way to go!

Taking this cue, several smaller manufacturers in India have launched a range of innovative products for daily use, all using solar energy. Indian shopping portals have taken this a step further by making it available across the country.

To get you started, here are five unique and interesting solar powered gizmos that you can order right away:

Amazon.com lights

LED Garden Lamps: Imagine a quiet dinner in your garden with fancy LED lamps – or a Reverbere – when the entire neighbourhood is plunged in darkness and the backups have all failed.

These interesting led garden lamps get charged by the sun automatically and will light up in evening. Elegant, soft and effective lamps that add charm to your garden.

And, no more switching off when it is time to bedtime. These lights sense daylight and the night and turn on and off automatically.

Pinterest backpack

Chargeable Backpack: Who isn’t a traveler today?
This chargeable Backpack is for all those people who love traveling and often forget or cant use their charger, leaving their friends and family in an unhappy situation.

This backpack has a special solar panel on the front of the bag which constantly charges the bag while traveling. No more hunting for sockets for charging.

Once the bag is fully charged it can quite comfortably, charge smartphones, speakers, mp3 players, tablets and etc.These bags are available online with different brand names.

India mart

Fan-Cap: Stepping out in this summer is nothing short of torture, and if every you do, protecting yourself is imperative. Here is a Fan-Cap especially designed for outdoor activities.

On the sides, there are these tiny solar panels and in the centre, a small fan which gets charged with the suns rays.


Beard Trimmer: This one is for all the bearded men who want to do a good deed by going green! A chargeable beard trimmer with a small solar panel on top that directly charges it.

It takes around 8 hours to charge fully and lasts 45 minutes. A manageable and easy to carry product, that can make your day to day life easier. In a few months, I’m sure it will be rated as one of the best beard trimmers on the market! You can Click Here to follow the updates on the top-rated trimmers.

Indiamart solar fan

Solar Fan: Make your family picnics and outings cooler with this portable fan.

The Summer heat is killing those day trips and this can be a much welcome product to carry on.

They also have an AC charging option for those cloudy days.


#All images, details are purely indicative. Readers are advised to check finer details with the e-shopping websites that they may visit.

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