Glass Stories: A Creative Showcase Of Mosaic Art

Studio 7 is set to exhibit the work of their students at Darpan Art Gallery between April 18-23, 2019 in an exhibition titled Glass Stories.

The founders of Studio 7, Durga Tilak and Mitalee Joshi, aim to provide these artists a broader platform to showcase their work.

Interestingly, these 14 artists who will be showcasing their work at the exhibition, Glass Stories, do not have any formal art education but through dedication and perseverance they have created master pieces that are ethereal and unique.

“Each one of our participants has a unique story about her love affair with glass and mosaic,” says Durga Tilak. “There is a retired school teacher, who has battled a severe illness and finds therapeutic benefit in doing mosaic.

A hairstylist who is also an avid traveler found her second love in glass. A young jewelry designer saw business potential in mosaic and now specializes in mosaic name boards. A wife of a merchant navy officer who lives a large part of her life alone while the husband sails, has made mosaic her passion. She has experimented with the medium beyond even our imagination.

There are doctors, teachers, professionals, home makes, each with a unique story of her own,” adds Tilak.

Mitalee Joshi believe that mosaic is an art for everyone. “It’s very versatility allows the artist to experiment and explore the medium according to personal aesthetics.

What you see at Glass Stories:

The founders have challenged the students to design original mosaics. The inspiration could come from nature, a famous art, abstraction, or just imagination.

The interpretation had to be original! The visitors will have the privilege to see artworks they have never seen before. These artworks will be on sale. Products will range from small décor products to large wall art. So, if there is any art that you find intriguing, you can get the scoop on how to buy acrylic prints so that they can be used as wall art. You might have even found this artwork inspiring and helped you find the creativity to create your pieces of art. You could also turn those creations into acrylic prints so that they can be used to decorate the walls too.


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