My girlfriend yawns a lot. It’s so annoying and insulting…

My girlfriend yawns a lot. I find it very annoying and insulting. She says it’s a medical problem, a kind-of disease. What kind of doctor should I consult?

Hmmm! Hearing all this is now making me yaaaaawwwwwnnnn too! Try it. Read this line and soon enough you would be yawning with me… Funny isn’t it?

Why all this cribbing handsome? Does her yawning come in the way of some mwah mwah time? There must be more to this. You sound like the typical macho types who are more concerned about how your girl is seen in public than her well being..! Ha ha. I bet your’e wondering how this Dr Know read your mind, eh?

Well, such is the intuition of this strange creature Dr Know aka yours truly! But jokes apart what is your damn problem man?

Let her enjoy herself yawning. It’s natural to yawn and it’s an involuntary motion that she or anyone for that matter cannot control. Yes, it’s most often associated with sleep or drowsiness. Imagine all those pretty babies there getting insulted each time you yawn. What would you do? Hide your face the next time you feel like yawning? Stop being a moron and accept her for what she is.

Dr Know’s Gyaanology: If she honestly does yawn excessively she may need to have this checked. Yawning is normally associated with weariness and drowsiness. There are however some disorders that are associated with excessive daytime sleepiness which may need to be ruled out.

Excessive yawning could also be caused by a Vasovagal reaction ( this is caused by the unusual stimulation of the Vagus nerve and happens only in serious cardiac conditions. Certain neurological issues like Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Strokes and Tumours can also cause this.

If this is happening unusually often, it would make sense to have her examined at the earliest by a neurologist or an internal medicine specialist.

My boyfriend is a married man, with his kids pretty old. One of them just gave his ICSE exams for Class 10. While he was wooing me, he would shower all his attention on me and now that he knows I am his, he has started also devoting time to his kids. I have had a chat with the bf on this, and he says there’s nothing wrong. What is your view, Dr Know?

What a wonderful situation you are in! You ought to be awarded for the height of sensibility.

Baby, it’s bad enough that you are seeing a married man and to add to that, you are getting perturbed by his love for his children (10th grader, if you please!). Possessiveness also has its limits darling! For God’s sake what is wrong with you?

Since you ask, here is my view: I think you need to have your head examined. A few MRI’s may help understand this confused mind!

Dr Know’s Gyaanology: Introspect for a minute and be sure of what you are doing. This isn’t going anywhere darling! You are going to spend your life pining for this man who obviously cares a lot for his family, which also means he isn’t going to be dumping them for you..

If you are getting some sadistic pleasure of weaning him away from his children then you certainly need counselling. May the Supreme Force give you the intelligence to see better reason. Bless you.

Sir, I don’t want to bat around the bush. Do the various vigour-inducing tablets do any good? I am 41, hence the question?

Ha ha, you’re a funny man. No, no, don’t bat, beat instead! And what gives you this impression that at 41 you need aphrodisiacs? Or is it a case of fear that you may underperform under stressful conditions?

Tell me, young man, tell me what the story is. At 41, you should be a seasoned player hitting all over the park and not rest in the pavilion..

Yeah,I know man, there are loads of stuff available from tablets to creams to sprays and more. Sweet nothing they will do or so I strongly believe.

Dr Know’s Gyaanology: Some of these preparations for local application are purely local anaesthetics like lignocaine hydrochloride etc and the others good vitamins and placebos.

I haven’t heard of any wonder potion except for the drug ‘Sidenafil Citrate’ more commonly referred to by its brand names Viagra, Penegra etc which is essentially prescribed for erectile dysfunction/ impotence. Sidenafil works on the muscles of the blood vessels and relaxes them allowing for greater blood flow to certain parts of the body. This is of course a prescription drug and has several side effects and possible contraindications and should be used only under proper medical guidance so you’re able to give your partner the time of their life like they’re on a fulltube film set or something similar…

I suggest you visit an Andrologist if you think you have a genuine problem or better still, just sit back, relax and enjoy life. The more you unwind and celebrate the little things in your life, the better you will be in bed.. Stick to your bed though!

I just passed the BMM course recently. Over the last few weeks, on the pretext of alumni association work, I find that one of my professors has been acting very friendly. He hugs me everytime. I don’t mind that, but last time, it became an embrace, with him patting my back rather disgustingly. What should I do?

Oooops! The eternal lech is here too! This doesn’t sound too good baby and I suggest you stay far away from this professor if you know what’s good for you.

Don’t let the causal hug happen in the first place as this may lead to his obviously overzealous hands straying a bit much for comfort. If that poses a problem then it would be a good idea to visit one of those prank stuff stores and get some good itching powder.

Dust the outside of your shirt or tee with that (focus on the back and the sides) and soon enough he would be doing the hip-hop in fast forward!

You can videograph that and keep a few copies handy to push online the next time he gets funny. This my darling, is a super way to deal with such lecherous types.

Dr Know’s Gyaanology: This isn’t funny darling. If this happens once again I suggest you report it to the Dean or Principal of your college.

If you are worried about that, be upfront and tell the professor know that you don’t take nonsense. Its important to make these crude types understand that they cant go scot free.

If both aren’t your kind of thing, have a couple of your male classmates visit him and remind him of what it takes to replace broken teeth.

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