Getting Physical – Does It Help Your Relationship?

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Few women are strangers to ghosting post physical intimacy. On the other hand, many men are completely confused about what their lady expects after sharing a connection in the boudoir.

Shedding light on these matters, these Pune-based 20′ somethings share their experiences.

“My friends advised me against it. They said who will buy the cow if you give away the milk for free?”

“I just told them they needed a rear view mirror because they were thinking in retrospect,” says Shibani Thorat.

Nehal Wani shares, “The guy wanted to wait a few years until we could get married. But I knew it was love 5 months down the line. So didn’t see a point in waiting.”

Shubh Sangra shares a male perspective. “I met a girl online. We video chatted and texted, spoke for 6 months before my job allowed me to travel to see her. She’s from Indore. I simply adored her. She was sweet, caring, independent, sassy and smart. However, she was apprehensive about some scar tissue from an accident. I said it would never bother me, but when we met, it took a little getting used to.

“I’m not ashamed to admit that looks were important to me thus far in most of my relationships. But she was incredible so I tried to look past that.

“Though her face was the same, being intimate revealed a few bodily scars. I think I was very sweet to her. But upon my return home, she claimed that my behaviour toward her had changed. I wasn’t as loving and expressive as before apparently.

She was hurt and stopped talking to me! “I guess girls need to be shown that they’re special. And coddled after being intimate. Men don’t need this.”

“Here I was feeling like a jerk for voiding her modesty. I felt guilt, while she craved love and a connection. Oh well, better luck next time for me I guess!” exclaims Shubh.

Jasleen Kaur explains her view stating, “I do understand that a lot of men simply disconnect once they get what they want. But I’m old school you see. I loved the person anyway. So if it was just physical intimacy that had him sticking around. I like to also introduce spicy elements to keep the physical intimacy fresh by using sites like pornv to inspire new ways to express love for my partner.

“I would rather give it to him and then see if he stuck around.

If he stays, then there’s nothing to fear! If he leaves, I truly love him anyway. So connecting with him on a whole new level was something I would never regret.”

She adds that people need to stop apologising for being in love. “It’s a beautiful, terrible, selfless feeling. I for one, wouldn’t trade it for the world,” concludes Jasleen making perfect sense.


#All views expressed in this column are those of the individual respondents (names changed to protect privacy) and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to this.


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