On Getting Hyper Over A Loop

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This Hyperloop stuff is quite something, isn’t it?

Am not particularly fond of this Branson character, but he certainly has a few interesting options for transportation. The Virgin Galactic is one. Though at this point of time, he isn’t offering this to check on some of the other planets but the the fact remains that it is an option I can explore. Or should I ?

And now this MoU on the Hyperloop. We have to give it to the government. They certainly check on all possible options to make transportation easier and faster. From bullet trains to the hyperloop, we are moving fast aren’t we Pune?

All that remains now, is the ‘eureka’ moment and then hopefully it may dawn on them that they need to get their act together on the amazing infrastructure we have.

I mean, why not do something about our wonderful roads, our even more wonderful city buses, power and water supply etc. Can we stop putting these on a permanent loop and get them to get hyper about all this before investing thousands of crores on transporting us to Mumbai in 10 minutes.

I can tell you with vehemence that I would not visit Mumbai more often than I do (which is once in six months) even if it were to take only 5 minutes. I don’t like the mess there. And yes, there are thousands of other Puneites who think so too.

Our world won’t be a better place with hyperloops. The people will remain the same, so will the grime, the poverty, the corruption and the basic ecosystem, or the lack of fundamental infrastructure.

Can my Pisoli be given water for instance? Why are we made to buy 4 tanker loads of water every month? Can you solve that loop or is that too petty for the powers? Maybe I shouldn’t be asking these uncomfortable questions after all. Soon, I may be travelling at 1,000 kms per hour and can probably have a bath in Lonavala and get back to Pisoli. How does it matter if your home has no water or that our roads can barely support you walking on them.

The dichotomy that is our smart city! I know am a little slow on the uptake, coming from a remote village in Kerala, but am certainly not dumb enough to know what is essential.

Soon it will be hovercraft and large drones that we can sit on and fly away from the mess the city showcases.

Progress you see. Water, roads and such stuff is mundane and can safely be ignored; this is about rapid transportation from Point A to Point B and the thousands of crores that will go in creating this wonderfully fast transport system. Now, I know you think I am being anti-progress and so on, but this isn’t the case really.

I would be particularly pleased to have a jolly ride in these technological marvels but not at the cost of a aching lumbar spine or a waterless bath.

And moreover, where the hell is the power to run these things. We don’t get a clear week without a break in power and yet, we believe we can run these things quite efficiently.

Yes, I want to get hyper-looped to my Lulla Nagar office and can do with the extra time both at work and home. But can we just do something about getting our city to actually turn smart, before we go about giving Japan and others more business. After all, they have all that they need in place in their cities, and now have the time to flog their toys to us.

And yes, if you are at it, then do add a dining car to these bullets and loops. The bread omelette and cheese toast technology from the Deccan Queen would be sensible. That works.



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Jaisurya Das

Jaisurya Das

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Jaisurya Das