How To Get Rid of Fake Friends And Stay Happy

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There are good friends, fair-weather friends and annoying friends. The second and third category often remember you in times of crisis – their crisis not yours !

The Unwanted Friend is a reality which all of us face at any given time of our lives. They come in many categories – from the persistent sticky types to the Your Best Friend category. They usually force you to do things you don’t want to or enter your life at inappropriate times and never leave.

With the advent of social media like Facebook, there are more friends than one bargained for. It’s the temptation on Facebook which brings about this.

You see a good looking woman or a man, then you go click, click and another friend is on your list, God and he/she willing.

Then these so-called friends start chats with you when you are just about to eat, or watch your favourite serial. They may even ping you when you are in Dreamland or just about to earn your sleep. So don’t be too proud if you have 5000 friends on Facebook and loads elsewhere.

Get real and try to reduce or to put it bluntly – get rid of these pests.

So how does one go about it? Here are some ways you can try but success is never assured as human failings will always come in the way.

  • Try not to talk too much on the phone with them. Keep conversation to mono-syllables. Use Yes, No and May Be profusely, with an occasional Oh for effect.
  • Avoid meeting them. Don’ plan coffees or lunches with them. Some of them can be very persistent and make you bend to their will. Try last minute cancellations and if that doesn’t work, then God Save You.
  • If you bump across this lot at a restaurant or somewhere don’t make the fatal error of asking them to join in. If by chance you do, go quickly citing some other appointment or ask a friend to signal the exit. That will work and your reputation of being a sort of truthful person will remain.
  • Annoy them. Oppose their views and say to them forcefully, “I Don’t Agree”. This can be quite an agreeable alternative for you. Keep at it until you see a bewildered or annoyed expression on that person.
  • Call a friend whom this person dislikes to join you. That will put off the unwanted friend. He may walk away after hope subsides but it will surely make it difficult for him to approach again.
  • If he pings you, pretend you did on see it. Reply late the next day. Give no explanations. Do this repeatedly and your message may hit its target.
  • The truth and nothing but the truth. This is the best way if you have the guts. One clean snap and the smile will be back on your face again.



#All views expressed in this column are the authors.