#FurLove: The Terrific Bruno, Sugar And Marble At Mayur’s Home

Furholics - Mayur Gade Pets
Sugar, Bruno and Marble

Mayur Gade, a Marketing Professional is a proud father of three, yes, you heard it right!

His pets are his babies and they are spoilt silly with love in the Gade household…

Mayur Gade pets


Five years after we lost our dog Rose, we made up our minds to get another dog and came across Padmini stump, a die-hard animal lover who had over 300 dogs under her care.

It wasn’t love at first sight really, says Mayur who wanted to get all the little pups that were there…

“But I could only get one, So, we decided on the one who had the most active temperament And boy, is he active!! It’s been 3 yrs now and Bruno’s energy is just growing with each passing year. His pictures actually speak for itself, don’t they?

Sugar - Mayur Gade Pets

“To add to this excitement, a friend surprised me with a labrador pup around the time Bruno came home.

She was named Sugar and she brought real sweetness into our lives! If I may add, a little too much of sweetness.

When we asked Mayur about their diet, he said, “Bruno is the least interested when it comes to food. He only likes a specific dog food and chicken that’s just boiled. And yes, he won’t eat till he is really hungry.

On the other hand, Sugar is a hogging machine. We may get tired, but she won’t stop eating! 

Sugar - Mayur Gade PetsAs if this was not enough, my sister is a cat lover and adopted a female cat, Marble.

It was like completing the family picture when Bruno went from wanting to eat her up to snuggle up with her.

Marble is more like Bruno but needs to eat many times a day and whenever hungry, she’ll make sure you get up and fill her food bowl whether its day or night.

Marble Cat

Recalling an incident, Mayur shares, “But there is always a dent in a perfect life and ours happened when Marble fell from the 6th floor of my house to the hard cement flooring.

The world came crashing on my family. Our 6-month-old kitten was fighting for life and all we could do was hope the medication would help

Marble being the wonder cat, went from not able to move a limb or jaw for 2 days to jumping in less than 2 weeks. She is now a year old and a proud mother to four super cute kittens.

Coming back to Bruno, Mayur adds that Bruno has a pre-decided mindset about people visiting home!  He either he likes a person before he even enters the lift, or dislikes them even if they have been a frequent visitor. And yes. if he doesn’t like someone, they are just not welcomed anywhere near him!

Bruno - Mayur Gade Pets

Sugar on the other hand is generously welcoming to everyone and all you need to say is ‘treat’. Marble really doesn’t care if someone new is home, as long as she gets to eat and roam around.

“Life has been absolutely wonderful and amazing with my kids. And I have experienced the joys and challenges of parenting.

It wasn’t really a smooth ride to balance life with so many pets and their tantrums! Yet, when I come home and get welcomed with wet kisses every day, I know that in the end, ‘this is all so worth it’, Mayur added.



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