#Furholics – Some Of The Loveliest Cats Of Pune Are Right Here

#Furholics - Pune's Cats
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From the #Pune365 Archives, we present a compendium of our cat tales from Pune. Each story a unique tale of love that our popular weekly column #Furholics captured…

The Sweetest Cats Are Hers Says Sumera Qureshi

#Furholics: Nuzhat’s Leo Is No Ordinary Cat

#Furholics – Meeting Ritu Bharadwaj’ Amazing Cat Family!

#Furholics – Meet The Sane’s Super Cat Leo

The Wonderful World Of Whisker And Jojo At The D’Silva’s


#Curated by Manjiri Gaikwad for the Pune365Desk. This is a random selection of our popular cat stories. For more, visit www.pune365.com.