Furholics with Pixie, Soniya, Neil & Arindam

Pixie the foodie can get away with just about anything in Neil, Arindam and Soniya Ghosh’s residence

She came in as a six week old puppy and since then, Pixie the beagle girl knew she would rule over the house. It began with her little whining to be taken up on the bed at night. And went on to waiting, very patiently, for every single bite of human food that would come her way. Neil, a Std IX student, mother Soniya, director of an investment banking firm and co-director of an NGO and father Arindam Ghosh, founder and MD of an Investment Banking company pamper their girl silly.

Growing Up

She was so tiny but the Ghosh’s could see the determination in her eyes even back then. “We had got her puppy dog milk powder which she refused to have so I was told to try Cerelac. She loved it. And then, it all began! Except papaya there is almost nothing we eat that she hasn’t tried and liked,” grins Soniya an Investment Strategist.

Smart Alec

But Pixie is a bigger strategist. Her eyes, and her completely loving nature have the Ghosh family wrapped around her little finger. “You just can’t say no when she wants something. She doesn’t react negatively to anybody. The basic quality is that she is kind – I can’t explain this,” sighs Soniya. When she realises somebody is upset, she goes to comfort that person, she is very perceptive.

Simple Expectations

Pixie with Soniya

An easy to be with, girl, Pixie just needs her walks and her food. She enjoys running around the house and uses her expressive eyes to convey everything. Great with children, Pixie understands when to give people space too. Walks are a task sometimes when the stubborn beagle hidden in her decides where and how long to walk. “I have to tell her that daddy said to walk there. She looks at me and walks that way. Arindam is the alpha in the house for Pixie.”

The Good Guard

If Soniya goes out in the day, she will return to find Pixie in snore land. Then she has to be woken up, to say hello!  But come evening and this sleepy head transforms into a furious attack creature. “She goes barking mad when the doorbell rings post sunset. She gets very protective of all of us. The transformation is amazing,” adds Soniya.

The Foodie

Her escapades with food are epic. She is fast asleep every morning when Soniya gets up. Once her coffee is ready, Pixie is down in a twix. “She knows I eat a biscuit and she will get a bite, so every single morning she gets up only when she smells the coffee!” laughs Sonia. The indulgent parents have other stories too, apart from following a trail of cake crumbs to finding her favourite curd packets being eaten straight from the shopping bag. Invariably Pixie will climb on the sideboard to reach the fruits, nibble at as many bananas as possible and climb down before Soniya realises. Pixie is very persistent and deft about using her paws to bring food to the edge of the kitchen counter from where she gets it down and gobbles it up. So her humans have wizened up and keep everything far from her reach.

Now, thats some food for thought isn’t it ?

Uma Karve Chakranarayan

Uma Karve Chakranarayan

Uma Karve Chakranarayan is editor and publisher of Tell Tail, Pune’s only petzine and partner, Petsworld, a pet food and accessories store. ’Furholics’ appears every Saturday on Pune365.
Uma Karve Chakranarayan