#Furholics: Meet Zara -The Angelic Bernard At The Goud’s

Furholics - Zara

Saint Bernards are large breeds that are known for being gentle, warm hearted and incredibly intelligent…

True to her breed characteristics is Zara who is the love of the Goud home and welcomes you with her enveloping hug.

Furholics - Zara

Zara was never part of our plan says, Shashank Goud, a student…

“It was a Saturday morning sometime in May 2015 when we as a family were thinking of how great our life would have been if we had a dog…

My sister was keen on getting herself a small furry dog to play with, while my brother-in- law was more into large breeds. I found the middle path and thought of a big and furry breed.

At that point of time, we were not aware of adoption and we got Zara from a breeder in Pune.  The moment we saw Zara and her sister we experienced heaven on earth. Both lazy beautiful girls lying next to each other, he added.

Furholics - Zara

Shashank says, “We decided to give it a day’s thought before we decide on getting such a big fur ball to the house, but as luck would have it, we were awestruck with her queen like walk and without wasting a second, Zara was in our car.”

Having Zara by our side is complete bliss and she is the perfect dog for us. She is not fond of attention from girls and loves to play with the boys. She hates bathing or swimming or any activity that will have an impact on her shiny coat.

Furholics - ZaraZara’s hug is so tight that it won’t let you move even a bit.  She never licks and just sniffs you top to bottom and only then, are you allowed to pet her.

Talking about Zara’s sleeping and eating habits, He says, “Zara sleeps for 18 hours a day like a giant cat. She has been a sweetheart always and never destroyed anything in the house. No fuss for walks, no barking and she is just as lazy and makes the perfect companion for our family!


Initially, Zara was on regular dog food, but soon got bored of it. We are pure vegetarians but as Zara is the queen of our house and there would be no compromise on her dietary needs so we shifted her to home-cooked  (pet-nutritionist supplied) food which she really loves.

She reserves half her morning meal for her little visitors, the birds who she loves watching. They come in and finish what remains in her bowl each day.

Thanks to this habit, she leaves behind some at dinner too and ends up getting up in middle of the night and finishing that” adds Shashank.

Shashank confesses that Zara is a spoilt child and has her own room, sofa, bed attached to the balcony and yet, she ends up sleeping with us.

When we are out for a walk and if she sees any dog parking, she just sits there on the road till they stop!  She knows she is cute and that everyone would fall for this and come to pet her!

If you show her a treat, she will do all kinds of tricks- hi-5, shake hands, lie down and more, but if you have nothing to offer, she pretends to be asleep and ignores you!

Furholics-Zara in tshirt

“Our Sunday mornings are never lazy as Zara is out to meet her doggo friends and play with them at the ground where she can play fetch and hide the balls, digging away…

Apart from her love for dogs and people, she enjoys chasing cats and insects just to smell and play with them. This is certainly not fun for the poor cats, but, they also scare Zara at times, he added.

Indeed, some angels have fur instead of wings and Zara is ours! She came into our lives and changed everything forever.

She does nothing but love us and we feel truly complete with her presence and happy attitude that keeps us spirited throughout, says Shashank signing off.


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