#Furholics: Meet Veeru – The Amazing Therapist At The Pai’s

Furholics - Veeru

Furholics - Veeru


Veeru is a year and half old Indie and much like his name, he is a calm yet energetic and sharp pet for his parents, Savitha and Giriraya Pai. 


Savitha is Chartered accountant while Giriraya is an IT professional.

Savitha, a chartered accountant shares, “My husband Giriraya, an IT professional has had pets since his childhood, At my house in Kochi, we have a Dashund Corgy mixed breed – Blacky who is the king of our household and my three sisters and our parents. Blacky was the reason for my love and passion for furry friends.

Furholics - Veeru with parents

We used to feed four indie dogs. The most loving one from that succumbed unfortunately to canine distemper.  It was painful to see her deteriorating from limping to not being able to move about. In spite of this, she used all her spirit to get up and greet me. This really broke my heart, she added.

A dog in the household and that too in an apartment was unthinkable. I always denied my husband’s request of keeping one. Though, we both love dogs, says Smitha Kamath.

My first encounter with Veeru was in October 2017, I came across this fellow lying on the road and he was barely two months old, I decided to vaccinate him and picked him up, gave him biscuits and water and took him to RESQ.  He was named Veeru and he is a pure bred Punekar!

“The vet asked us to take him there again for the booster dose after 5 days. We thought of dropping him at the same place after 5 days as keeping him with us will hamper our daily routine. On the 6th day, we dropped him back.

It was raining that day and eventually I just couldn’t control myself. We went back that night and searched for Veeru for the next two days. The five days he spent with us was enough for us to develop the love for each other.

Finally, on the third day, I found him. He came running to me whining. It was almost like he was asking me as to where I disappeared… 

The moment I picked Veeru up, he stared at my eyes and I felt really bad and repented for what I had done. I said sorry to him and promised that I will be with him always, shares Savitha

Furholics - Veeru

And from here our journey of togetherness began. Ever since then, my life revolves around him. My daily routine got very systematic.

He won’t let me sleep past our usual waking time and there is no “ hmmm, 10 minutes more”. Veeru is very enthusiastic and a true inspiration, says proud mom, Savitha.

On his loves, Savitha shares, Veeru loves his walks and sniffing around. Watching videos on youtube, smartphones, Tv and Chasing birds and cats are his other favourite things!

Veeru is a very social animal and loves to make friends with other dogs and of course, humans too. His walk timings are fixed for twice a day. He will not waste a minute inside the house past his fixed timing. Then we play ball, tug of war, hide and seek and more stuff inside the house.

Between his walks and his food, comes his love for sleep. His favourite food is chicken and rice, though, he likes paneer and egg yolk at times.

Furholics - Veeru

Peda’s are another favourite, but we give him peda only if he has to have medicines, Savitha added.

Calm and yet very excited and playful, Veeru is afraid of cartons of all sizes and any loud noise. Cuddles are in great demand and he loves back, ear and neck rubs best.

Savita says, His trainer tells us that Veeru has this calm playful energy that has a calming effect. Veeru senses the tension in me after a stressful day at work and he demands extra cuddle and games. He relaxes us a lot and this is really appreciated by everyone who knows him.

Several people helped us understand his ‘Veeru language’. From his trainers to vets and we can’t thank them enough!”

Expressing her love, Savitha says, “Veeru annoys us at times, but everything is worth it when the tongue is out and he licks you all over the face. Our bad days are transformed into wonderful evenings with Veeru.

Life would have been very different without Veeru and certainly not as beautiful as it is today, Savitha shares smiling..


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