#Furholics: Meet Mrinalini’s Fabulous Duo-Jimi And Happy



I have had pets as companions from my childhood, back then, I wasn’t a big fan of having a dog, but, now life is incomplete without them, says Mrinalini Bagul, Engineer

Jimi and Happy are the two angels of our house. Jimi is our first pet Khushi’s grandson and Happy was adopted a few months ago.

FurholicsJimi came into the house sitting on my lap when he was just a small bundle and became our favourite baby instantly.

Jimi changed our lives in a way that Khushi couldn’t, because now we were all grown up and knew what it meant to have a four-legged one, Mrinalini adds.

“From morning walks to his potty training, everything was a topic of discussion in the house and we sat together and talked about it. He’s actually the most mature member of our family.”

We were looking for yet another furry baby to join the family and that is when i found Happy- a three-month-old Lhasa who was up for adoption.

Without a second thought, Happy was Home! Jimi is the calm one, while Happy is the boss in the house and to our surprise, even Jimi accepted him just the way he is, says Mrinalini.

Jimi literally understands what we say to him, he’s been around us for so long. But his age has started to catch up with him. He has those occasional pangs of excitement when he wants to play and only play other times, he’s silent and minding his own business, she added.


While with Happy, it’s a totally different experience for me. They are the best things in my life right now.

Happy is the younger one, so he is totally spoilt. He does not like the attention we give Jimi. He wants it all for himself. He’ll follow me around everywhere, including the loo!

Speaking about their eating habits, Mrinalini says, “Eating has always been a problem with Jimi. Since day 1, my dad has spoon fed him or he won’t eat anything.

His dinner episode lasts at least half an hour every day. And he absolutely loves oranges, he steals them off our plates. While Happy can eat everything and when I say everything, I mean everything. He wants to eat whatever we are having.

My dad spoils him in that department. He even shared the Diwali delicacies, adds Mrinalini


Happy and Jimi both like to play a lot, but, with Jimi, playing fetch is one-sided-  I never seem to get the ball back once I throw it.”

Happy is up for anything but running around the house twice is enough to render him tired! And then, he’ll sleep all day till he starts his shenanigans again.


Happy is ok with visitors while Jimi doesn’t like people other than our family members and barks till he has tired himself our, Mrinalini added.

Mrinalini smiles and says “Dogs- be it my pets or my stray kids, they all have always been a huge part of my life and I wouldn’t have life any other way!

We Can’t Agree More- #DogsAreLife 


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