#Furholics: Life Is Full Of Pep And Ryder At The Narse Home

Ryder And Pep


They play a neat game of Tom and Jerry. Pep the cat wins and the naughty dog- Ryder tries to get her to play again.

Of course Ranjit and Charu Narse are in splits when they see the big Ryder chasing the pristine white Pep all over the house just like they are when they see Pep standing on her hind legs terrorising Ryder to get out of her way!

Media professional Ranjit says, “Ryder came home from Kolhapur at about a month and a half old and was waddling all over.

The minute he saw Pep (about two years old then), he raised his paw to play and since then has been trying to play with her. Pep would look at him and ignore him largely.”  

Together Forever

Now things have changed. Says Charu, visiting faculty at ELTIS, “Wherever Pep sleeps, whether the sofa or the bed, Ryder will be on the floor right by her side.

And when I return home, both are waiting bum to bum to greet me at the door.” 

Of course the peace is a precursor to the mischief in Ryder. And he begins by trying to get Pep to move. “He wants to prove that he is the boss, so he does everything he can to establish that. Ducking blows, feigning left and right, sometimes Pep gives in and agrees to play, but only for as long as she wants,” adds Ranjit. 

“She whacks him soundly when she has had enough and looks at us in disdain. When I am around, the mock fights are more controlled,” adds Charu. But with Ranjit, Ryder knows he is his favourite so he gets a little bolder. 

The Home Coming

When Charu went to look at the litter of Labrador pups at her brother’s place in Kolhapur, Ryder was the only one who came to her, that to on his own. Of course, she got him home.

With Pep, it was an instantaneous decision too. “I saw the kittens at an acquaintances place when they were really tiny.

A few weeks later I met them again and just picked up Pep. I had not even thought about having a cat then,” she smiles.

The Routine

Morning walks are strictly with Ranjit while Charu shares some evening walks. The food decisions are all Charu’s.

So Ryder eats everything that he possibly can, even the leafy greens that come his way.

Madam fussy cat demands her food, shaming Charu into giving her treats instead of food so very often.

“The way she looks at me, like I have made such a glaring error, that I aways give in and serve her what she likes,” sighs Charu. 

Very jealous of attention, if Charu is petting Pep, Ryder will paw her and bark till Pep gets fed up and walks off in a huff. Of course she glares at him.

“He is jealous and wants all the attention,”smiles Charu. And if he feels his dad is not giving him enough of it, he walks off with his Teeshirt!

“Ryder is five and a half now and he still does this to get my attention.

All the while, he looks at me from the corner of his eye wanting me to chase him to get my tee back. It just makes him that much more endearing,” smiles Ranjit.

Their daughter Saloni is in Mumbai now and misses Ryder and Pep. So there are video calls where she tries to talk to them. Ryder always looks around for his didi then.

Value Add

Both Charu and Ranjit are so sure everybody must get a pet. “Ryder changed all our lives. There is no feeling of loneliness and I feel so good when he is there to greet me at home,” shares Ranjit.

We all know the feeling!


Uma Karve Chakranarayan

Uma Karve Chakranarayan

Uma Karve Chakranarayan is editor and publisher of Tell Tail, Pune’s only petzine and partner, Petsworld, a pet food and accessories store. ’Furholics’ appears every Saturday on Pune365.
Uma Karve Chakranarayan