Friendlier Helplines Can Do Wonders For The Lonely And Depressed

Friendly Helpline
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Sharing our emotions and thought with a patient confidante is considered to work wonders for people who suffer from depression and anxiety. Clinically proven, talking can actually make you happy and relaxed. 

A service in Japan lends you a ranting ear to speak out your worries and frustration. This startup is the brainchild of a popular businessman by Takanobu Nishimoto, the online service called Ossan Rental has been in work since 2012. Earlier they provided middle-aged men – “Ossans” meaning uncles to listen to your daily rants at the cost of approximately Rs. 600/hour

So, if there’s a problem that’s getting on your nerves and you don’t want to talk to your friends, turn to the Ossans. 

Several helplines run successfully in other countries to help fight against depression and mental illness. However, In India we lack friendly helplines despite the dire need considering the perceptible rise in the number of depression cases in Pune and other cities.

Pune365 spoke to citizens and experts to gauge their view on the need for friendlier helplines to combat and help the depressed and anxious. 

While speaking to Aparna Gawde, Clinical Psychologist, “Helplines and awareness about such helplines are pretty much needed to fight depression in India. One in 5 people feel lonely.  When a person is feels lonely, lost, unsure or confused- it is essential that he/she talks their heart out.

If such thoughts are harboured for long periods, it can lead to depression. 

Finding someone to listen to the affected person isn’t easy. Friends and Family can help in such circumstances, but most of them don’t open up with the fear of being judged or ignored.

This is precisely why an emotional support helpline is essential so that people can speak more freely without being judged.

People working for these helpline may not be able to advise or suggest anything, but, by just listening and empathising with the caller itself can provide emotional support to him/her during his difficult times.

Aarti Yewale, Interior Designer says, “Such helplines are needed, but should not be misused just to talk to some random girl whose voice you liked when you called for the first time. There are several reasons such that has led to similar initiatives failing in India.”

However, the fact still remains that we need such helplines in India, but, without compromising the safety of the volunteers working, Aarti added.

Talking to someone helps breakdown the stigma and many more people will start seeking help. Good mental health actually improves the quality of life, says Vishal Singh, Photographer.

There are several helplines in India which provide you with emotional support, however, in comparison to the huge number of people who are fighting stress and other issues, it is far too low.

Also, not many people are aware of such friendly helplines, hence, awareness needs to be built on mental health, the benefits of talking  and the fact that there are helplines where an individual can seek help, Vishal added.


#All views are those of the respondents and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them.



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