Five Water Sport Destinations Near Pune

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In the eternal struggle to work our brains and meet work deadlines, we often miss doing what we love. So, this weekend, rather than chilling in those comfy pyjamas and boxers, step out and enjoy some amazing water sports near Pune to give you ultimate adrenaline rush for the season..

Take a change of clothes, charge your cameras and get ready to flood your instagram with drool worthy pictures.

Kayaking at Lavasa waterfront

With many options to choose from, the Lavasa waterfront is a one-stop spot for the water babies. From kayaking to jet skiing to pontoons, get here to enjoy a truly international standard water sport experience. Take a ride through the wood covered trails into this colourful city and enjoy the weekend indulging in great sporting adventure..

Distance from Pune: 60 KM

Water Zorbing at Jambhulwadi Lake

Just a ride away from the ‘city shore’ is Jambhulwadi Lake, where one can enjoy water sports like paddle boating, ringo and water zorbing. Look for water sport professionals and a fully established water sport center like Blue Bay Sports (based on reader feedback) who provide all the required equipment and facilities related. Expert guides are also provided to ensure safety.

Distance from Pune: 11 KM

Adventurous Waterfall Rappeling at Torna

A drive to the historically rich Fort of Torna will let you in on the next spot to enjoy water sports. Best visited in the monsoons to see the waterfalls in full glory and to take full advantage of the cascading falls. Descend along the huge rocks and bustling waterfalls and soak in the thrilling experience. A breathtaking yet dangerous adventure sport, waterfall rappelling is ideally done in groups and under supervision of experts.

Distance from Pune: 69 KM

White Water Rafting at Kolad

Situated on the banks of Kundalike River is Kolad, a village in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. Since the river is fed by the nearby dams, it makes a perfect place to try some sports like White Water Rafting and even Jet Skiing. The stunning junction and rumbling water makes for a perfect adventure. White Water Rafting is an exhilarating pastime for adrenaline junkies all over the world. Even those who live in the United States, take part in the head rushing, heart-pumping hobby. Companies such as American White Water Expeditions share their love of the water sport with everyone who wants to tackle their rivers. For more information see –

Distance from Pune: 145 KM

Paddle Boating at Tulapur

Not seeking too much adventure? Then relax and enjoy the scenic beauty while boating your way from one Ghat to another. A confluence point of three rivers, Tulapur is famous for Triveni Sangam , historical monuments and temples and it’s soothing environment.

Distance from Pune: 28 KM

#Readers are advised to check all safety equipment and measures offered at each location before indulging in adventure sports. If you want to learn more check out Whistler rafting.

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