5 Terence Hill And Bud Spencer Movies You Must See

Hill and Spencer Movies


Italian actors Terence Hill and Bud Spencer were an odd combination yet, they clicked and made over 20 films, many of which were big hits.

Hill was the smart, slick, wisecracking half, and quick on the draw. Spencer on the other hand, was a well-built character who spoke little but let his hands do the talking.

Spencer was also a professional swimmer who represented Italy in the Olympics, a water polo player and studied law. He also started many charities.

Here are five films from the terrific duo:

They Call Me Trinity (1970)

They Call Me Trinity (1970)Cast: Terence Hill, Bud Spencer, Farley Granger, Zacharias
Director: E B Clucher

A no-good, lazy gunfighter named Trinity finds his half-brother while running away with a Mexican prisoner.

His half-brother is unhappy about his return but they get together to take on a major who wants to seize land belonging to Mormons for grazing his horses.

The brothers take on the common enemy and the Mormons are freed. Trinity falls in love with a Mormon girl but once he figures that he has to work, he slinks away.

Crime Busters (1977)

Crime Busters (1977)Cast: Terence Hill, Bud Spencer, David Huddleston
Director: E B Clucher

Two friends land up in Miami looking for jobs as longshoreman where a gang of traffickers don’t allow them to get one.

The two buddies instead decide to rob a bank but bungle it because they land up in a police station instead. They cover up their attempt by asking for recruitment into the police.

They managed to become cops and the finally get a chance to avenge the traffickers legally.

Trinity Is Still My Name (1971)

Trinity Is Still My Name (1971)Cast: Terence Hill, Bud  Spencer, Yanti Somer
Director:  E B Clucher

Trinity’s half-brother Bambino teaches him to be horse thief and while on their adventures they come across a family who are stuck in the middle of nowhere because their wagon’s wheel is broken.

The brother approach the wagon to stage a robbery but have a change of heart when they a sick boy and a young girl among the occupants. They help them out and come across them frequently during their adventures.

After winning money from gambling in a town, the two assume the role of Federal agents. More misadventures follow. A food eating scene in this film is absolutely hilarious.

…All The Way Boys

All The Way BoysCast: Terence Hill, Bud Spencer, Cyril Cusack
Director: Giuseppe Collize

Two pilots scour South America as pilots, whose speciality is to crash land aircraft belonging to one of the men’s brother who later claims the insurance.  After repeated fake crashes, one turns out to be real.

The two land up in an Amazon jungle and meet a tribe who are being exploited by a man who mines and steals the emeralds found in the area.

The pilots decide to help the tribal folk when more adventures happen.

Watch Out, We’re Mad (1974)

Watch Out, We’re Mad (1974)Cast: Terence Hill, Bud Spencer, Patty Shepard
Director: Marcello Fondato

A red Puma dune buggy becomes the central point of two off-road race drivers after it is offered as a prize.

Both drivers are skilful and they emerge winners which complicates things. They challenge each other on who gets the buggy. But it gets destroyed.

After plots and sub-plots involving bosses, assassins and illegal construction, they get presented with a buggy each. But then there is a crash.


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