#FitnessChallenge Evokes Energetic Response From Pune

Fitness Challenge
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Twitter has seen a wave of social causes, challenges and problems being talked about and the micro blogging site has been effective amplifying them to millions of people the world over.

The more recent campaigns  #SwachhBharat, #SelfieWithDaughter, and #MeToo gathered huge momentum with the Twitterati spreading the word by the second. 

Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, a professional shooter and currently the Minister of Sports initiated the #FitnessChallenge and #HumFitTohIndiaFit campaign to encourage people to adopt regular physical activity. The twitterati joined the bandwagon within minutes and the campaign has already seen prominent Indians spreading the word.

Pune Citizens reacted positively to this move and shared their views with Pune365:

“I am glad that a sportsperson like Rajyavardhan Rathore thought of initiating this challenge,” says Praveen Shinde, a fitness blogger.

Only a sportsman knows the true importance of physical fitness.

Now the #FitnessChallenge has been taken up by the likes of our Prime Minister, other Indian politicians, sportspersons, actors and more. It is spreading like wild fire and that definitely is a good thing.”


“Social media has seen a lot of social causes being picked up and taken viral and effected change,” says Nisha Kaur, a lifestyle coach.

Mental and physical health has become an important are that needs attention. I think, even if is just for the sake of posting a video on social media, people are making a positive lifestyle change, it is a successful initiative.

People have started speaking about this and it has become a topic of discussion all over. As much as we need to adopting physical fitness, it is important to share the word with kids, friends and family and I think this challenge has certainly done that,” Nisha adds.

“I would like to see common people rather than just celebrities, politicians and bloggers do it, for the sake of getting eyeballs,” opines Neeraj, a gym instructor.

Not everybody has the time and resources, yet it is finally about keeping fit in whatever way and whenever possible.

The idea to make India fit is appreciated and I hope that people make it a regular regime, rather than for just posting and boasting on social media,” Neeraj adds.

While some do find the cause worth appreciating a few others have a different take on it.

“I do not have anything personal about the challenge, it is good and should be spoken about, but just as PM Modi replied to the comment, I hope he would be as active in responding to the increased petrol prices in the country, rapes, pollution and other critical matters.

He has been quick to reply to the tweet of Virat Kohli, a popular cricketer, but not to Pradeep Singh, a common man,” says Mohit Ganguly, a businessman.


#All views expressed in this article are those of the individual respondents and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them. 

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