First Of It’s Kind Legal Counselling Centre Set To Open

Legal Counselling
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The Servants of India Society is all set to launch the first legal counselling centre in June this year.

Litigants in civil cases may soon find a way to resolve matters amicably, by approaching the first of it’s kind legal centre to be set up within the Gokhale Institute campus. The legal centre will accept cases except criminal cases referred to Bombay high court.

The initiative is expected to ease the burden of litigation on the courts, considering that more Indian courts have a huge backlog of cases. Most cases can be taken up for settlement at the centre, which will be governed by legal experts, High court, District Court Judges, Lawyers, as well as subject matter experts.

The team is in talks with the judge’s lawyers and experts from various fields, so the litigants will benefit from their advise. This will also decrease the burden of the Indian judiciary”, says Rashmi Sawant, Legal Advisor SIS.

This centre will work towards settling cases amicably, outside the court. The main objective of this centre is to counsel people on legal cases pertaining to divorcee, women’s, children, and property disputes. They can directly approach the centre before approaching any court.

This centre will function as a ‘panch’. The SIS committee is also planning to invite political leaders and personalities from various fields, as their opinions and expert advice, would help the parties reach a mutual consensus in legal issues. adds Sawant.

“I am very thankful to the Servants of India Society for planing such a centre in Pune, says Mayur Deshmukh, a Software engineer.

For speedy redressal of cases and to ease the burden from Indian Judiciary this is the best thing SIS has come up with.

“The counselling centre is going to be a blessing for the city, because most of the time, people lack guidance and no proper knowledge that leads to unnecessary disputes.

This then leads to court matters, even when the issue can be resolved with simple counselling,” Mayur adds.

“Law plays an important role for effective change in the society.” says Rishabh Salunkhe, Student. The wait is finally over, and now everyone won’t have to wait for years, to resolve legal matters.

Most of them have no proper knowledge and hurry into court affairs, Counselling is the way forward, and it will save many families. It will allow for people to live in peace and harmony, adds Salunkhe.

“It is very difficult to find good lawyers nowadays,” says Deepika Sachdeva, Call Centre Professional.

The high fees of the lawyers has made it difficult for the poor. Many Lawyers do not always give proper guidance and end up demanding more money from the client, by delaying a case to prolong for 10-15 years.

“The justice is delayed in most of the cases, however such a legal counselling centre in Pune will undoubtedly be of help to everyone.” she adds.

A 26 years lawyer says,  ‘A wise man should never step into the court room’. It is going to be hard on lawyers, yet frankly, this is the need of the hour.

The counselling centre in Pune will certainly help everyone. People often approach lawyers for seeking advice or just to know their rights, and this costs them a lot.

“Experts from the centre will be more sensitive towards the cases and won’t look at these matters as civil cases, but examine them from the social justice point of view and offer a different approach to resolve them.” he adds.


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