The Fight For Freedom Is Just Beginning..

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No, This isn’t a typo. It is #Freedom17 that we are heralding today, despite it being the 70th year of our Independence..

For us at Pune365, the fight is far from over. Our citizens of Pune continue to battle atrocities of a myriad kind even today, From civic apathy to concerns of women’s security, we face them all, every day of our lives.

This isn’t about the police force that tries hard, given their limited resources. This is about us and the dichotomy that exists within us..

We strayed off the beaten track this time to bring you the concerns that we ought to be tackling at a feverish pace; concerns that mean more than just hosting a flag and celebrating.

We are proud Indians today and yet there is a tomorrow that we must work towards..

A clean, safe and warm tomorrow. Join us in celebrating our relentless pursuit for #Freedom17 with our special coverage today..

We wish you a Safe, Happy and Warm Independence Day !